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In the past much has been spoken and taught to you about focus.  Now the focus you have defines the reason of your election.

Whilst Jesus was journeying through Samaria on His way to Jerusalem to fulfil His work, someone in the crowd said to Him, “Teacher, tell my brother to divide the inheritance with me.”  Jesus replied, “Man, who appointed Me a judge or an arbiter between you?” This one brief encounter highlights the focus of Jesus’ true purpose and reason for His life more than any other encounter with men.  For in this one sentence – “Man, who appointed Me a judge or an arbiter between you?” – Jesus defined for us His true concern and indeed His true work.

Jesus was sent to save the world that the Father loved and to settle the sin that man had committed against God, for it was man who sinned against God because man did not resist Satan’s temptation in the beginning.  Satan is guilty as the tempter, but man is guilty as the sinner, for it was not to Satan that the command was given, but to Adam.  However, as a result of our submission to Satan’s temptations and our adoption of his ways – lying, murdering and forsaking the truth.  Man had sinned against man from the moment Cain murdered Abel and lied to God about his knowledge of Abel’s fate.  So then through the millenniums the sins, crimes and injustices of man against man are so numerous and hideous that this one complaint from the person of Luke 12.13 about getting a share of his father’s inheritance is miniscule.

Man has murdered men, raped women, stolen, enslaved, sold, even eaten them, sacrificed them and committed genocides, nations against nations.  The sins of man against another man are perpetrated and committed by even the great men of God like David, who murdered Uriah to continue his adultery with Bathsheba, then lied to Nathan.  The news you read from the world everyday contains accounts of the sins of man against man… and they are increasing, not decreasing.  So prevalent is this evil that even the first people of God are repeating unto others that which was done to them before the Nazis began to eliminate them with the holocaust, and their victims are fighting back from their ghettos as the forefathers of the twelve tribes once did… and so the cycle of injustice and sin upon sin by man against man continues.

In an interview of a drug lord in Mexico, he himself spoke a profound truth; that the problem lay not in the evil of the drug lords but in the corruption of society at all levels.  You see, a teenager growing in the slums turns to drug running and selling, even becoming a kingpin in the drug world, not because only the poor are using his drugs, but because rich doctors, lawyers and merchant bankers are also using it and paying for it in such a way that it is so profitable that no one can resist.  So who is at fault – the Afghan farmer or the Columbian farmer who grows his poppies and coca to feed his family or the people of the first world who are prepared to pay such a premium for his product that it makes it worth his while to grow the poppy rather than corn, for with the corn he feeds his family, but with the poppy he can buy the corn grown in America and have some leftover to send his children for education too?

How do you judge and arbitrate then between a man and his brother?  You don’t!  Jesus didn’t and He made it very clear when He said, “Man, who appointed Me a judge or an arbiter between you?” The answer is NO ONE.  God the Father never appointed Jesus to judge or arbitrate between men.  He was appointed Judge and Arbiter between man and God… being fully God and fully Man, He alone is qualified to judge, arbitrate and reconcile between God and man, for He alone can see both views as God sees and as Man sees.

As such, so are the disciples of Jesus Christ.  They are not chosen and appointed to arbitrate between men, but rather, chosen and appointed to bear witness to the judgment, arbitration and reconciliation effected by Jesus Christ between God and man, so that man might understand his need to repent and God can satisfy His desire to forgive.  For Christ lived the frustration and anger God rightfully can have against men who do not listen to Him as well as the fear and hostility that man has against God when God forsakes a man.  He spent three years with the eleven men who did not listen to Him or obey Him and with one who betrayed Him, and three hours in darkness as a Man forsaken by God.  Having learnt the truth from both perspectives, He alone is truly the One qualified to judge, arbitrate and reconcile between God and man.

As to man versus man, it concerns Him little, for are not all men sinners and liars?  So how does one judge and arbitrate between a sinner and a sinner and between a liar and a liar?  It is a fruitless exercise that occupies the time and gives one a sense of achievement that has no eternal value.

As the Mexican drug lord said, “If they kill me, a hundred more will take my place.”  For every tyrant that a revolution replaced, another took his place.  The communists became as evil and corrupt as the royalists, nationalists and fascists they replaced in the 20th century, and the capitalist who replaced the communists are just as bad.  So the cycle of an eye for an eye, evil repaid by evil and the battle between good and evil has no end and brings no one closer to God… only to death.  It is not only about good against evil, but rather, it is also about holiness against wickedness, righteousness against unrighteousness.  You see, Adam was as much responsible for Abel’s death as Cain was because it was through Adam that death came.  It was because of Adam’s sin that Cain could use death to end Abel’s life.  So Jesus, as the Last Adam in His total obedience to every command given Him by the Father, wiped out the sin of man against God and replaced it with the obedience of the Son of Man to God.

Now, Jesus’ focus on that road that day was not on the sins and injustices of man against man, but rather, it was on the sin of man against God and the injustice that man had done to God.

Unfortunately, the disciples have been flattered into taking up a role that they were never appointed for… mistaken that they were appointed to preach the good news for Jesus and also to be judges and arbitrators between men.  We are chosen and appointed witnesses of the good news of Jesus’ successful arbitration and reconciliation between God and man so that all men may receive the benefit of His finished work through faith in Him.  However, our role as witnesses of Jesus Christ does not give us the appointment or the right to judge between man and man.

However, that is the role the prostitute and her children have taken up as if the grace shown to them gives them the right to judge others who are yet to receive the same grace.

The culture of being arbiters and judges between men is one culture that an elect must forsake completely… and recognise it is one of the greatest temptations and distractions and leads very quickly to hypocrisy.  That was the slippery road that James the Younger set us all on when he gave us his judgment in Acts 15.  For in saying, “It is my judgment, therefore, that we should not make it difficult for the gentiles who are turning to God,” he judged between the Jews and the gentiles… as if it was more difficult for gentiles to turn to God, so let us make it easier for them.  In so saying, he judged a Jew less sinful against God than a gentile, and worse still a Jew more holy than a gentile.  That might have been true if the Jews were obedient to God’s laws through Moses, but since in his days neither Jews nor gentiles were obedient completely to God’s laws for them, there really was no difference.  It was not James’ position to judge what would make it easier for the gentiles who are turning to God, for Jesus had already negotiated, arbitrated and finalised such a judgment:  “Have faith in God,” as He said to the twelve and again later, “Trust in God; trust also in Me.”

Faith in God was the easy way Jesus had established for all men – Jews and gentiles – to turn back to God.  The testimony (our witness) of the truth of the Person of Jesus and the steadfast reliability of His words and His ways is the easy way for developing and fostering trust in all men about God.  For Jesus as God had found all men wanting and in need of grace and salvation, for there was not one man who could throw a stone at that woman caught in adultery that day when He drew that line in the sand and wrote upon it.  There is none righteous, not one, for all have sinned, from the oldest to the youngest.  And as Man, so likewise He said to the woman, “Then neither do I condemn you,” and made Himself as much a man as anyone one of us.

If the disciples found that their appointment for salvation was such a temptation for them to become judges and arbiters between men so that it was amplified to the ludicrous abomination that it would become when later believers and disciples set themselves up as judges concerning what manner of dress was holy, what manner of food was right and even what manner of a man’s skin determined his fitness for salvation or eternal damnation… such is the shame we brought to the grace of our God… then be in no doubt your election for the fulfilment of these times will be an even greater temptation for you to become a judge and arbiter between men.  A temptation now forewarned and a temptation that must be overcome by repentance in humility if you succumb to it, and you will.  Do not be like Peter who said to Jesus three times that he would never forsake Him and made himself a liar before the cock even crowed once, much less twice.  But rather, in unceasing repentance and continuous obedient submission with all humility, realise what a great temptation your election can be to turn you into a monster the Spirit never intended.

A man or woman with the power of God to judge between men – never!  That is not the role or purpose nor the focus of an elect.  Let the disciples take up such a role, even the most powerful of them who can strike the cities as often as they wish with plagues can and will judge between men and arbitrate between men, and themselves will pay the price of being slain by the beast from the abyss.  Though they will get their reward for fulfilling their ministry, so likewise, elect of the Holy Spirit, you must be focused on fulfilling yours.

And what is that?  Is it not to fulfil all scriptures so that Jesus can return, for all the evils, injustices and wrongs that man does to his fellow men will and can only cease when Jesus is back ruling this Earth and all its nations with an iron sceptre.

The fact Jesus said to those who overcome and do His will to the end will be given authority over all the nations and “‘He will rule them with an iron sceptre; he will dash them to pieces like pottery’ — just as I have received authority from My Father,” shows and forewarns you of the utter stubbornness and wickedness of men to continue to seek to harm each other, even when God is in their midst.  That will and desire remains in man, but the ability is removed by the presence of the overriding power of the Kingdom of God when Jesus is enthroned in Heavenly glory.

So do not be distracted and tempted to take that which you have learnt and received (and you will learn and receive even more) to solve the problems that a man has with another man.  That is fruitless work and can never bring Jesus back.  If Jesus said to the twelve who complained about Mary’s work, “The poor you will always have with you…” then likewise the oppressed we will always have with us.  For man will never stop oppressing man when we are forever jealous of another’s righteousness as Cain was jealous of Abel’s, for we are forever surpassing one another as Abel’s sacrifice surpassed Cain’s.  Every tyrant you put down will be replaced by more and every refugee you help will be replaced with another thousand.  Such is the history and failure of man without Jesus.

So what to do, elect?  Focus on the fulfilment of the scriptures with your life, and if showing kindness and feeding the thousands fulfils scriptures that can shorten the days before Jesus arrives, do so… if not, leave it and move on.

Such was Jesus’ focus on His work that even before His final journey to Jerusalem He turned down the request of the Canaanite woman begging for her daughter’s deliverance, saying, “I was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel.” Had the faith and humility of the woman not moved Jesus, He might not have responded, saying, “Your request is granted.”

You see, elect, and you may already realise, but this is written so that it is made certain for you… the final solution to stop all demon-possession is the return of Jesus Christ in the flesh.  Likewise, the final solution to stop all manner of evil and sin that man perpetrates against his fellow men is the arrival of Jesus Christ in the flesh to reign His millennial reign.  All else is window dressing.  So to stop the murders we must bring Jesus back, but to the murderers we say, “Repent and be redeemed.  Let your action give life to your faith.  Join with the Holy Spirit to fulfil the scriptures with your life.”  And likewise to every sinner, “Repent as we repent and be redeemed.  Let your action confirm the faith you profess.  Let your life fulfil the scriptures.”  To those who are confident of their righteousness because they have confessed Christ their Saviour, we say, “Beware that you are not using the word of God to fulfil your life and set yourself up to be judges and arbiters of men, for when the Word of God returns, He may say to you a word you do not wish to hear, but rather, be sober and see that the word of God was never given to fulfil your life, but rather, you were given life to fulfil the word of God.  Do so and you might find the Word of God Himself fulfilling your life when you stand before Him now and forever.”  Amen.

To all who are sinners, “Repent and believe the good news.  He who said, “Yes, I am coming soon,” is true.”  To all who are His believers and disciples, “Watch and pray…” But to the elect of the Lord, “Focus and fulfil the scriptures set aside for you.”


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