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We do not quite know how persistent or extreme or radical or fearsome or generous or merciful, even how forgiving and humble of nature our God is… or what really is the all of perfection, and what it requires from us when we step forward and unreservedly and perhaps reservedly follow the Lord Jesus, who is God manifest in the flesh, who is Perfection made visible, and the price paid for our freedom made evident ~

For when He leads us into being perfectly free, as God is free, then His freedom, as God knows and understands it, is ready to manifest in our lives for His glory because the One setting us free from darkness and bondage, is the One who put into action what was so wildly extreme and so gloriously radical by becoming God in the flesh. For God is free to go where He pleases and is not a slave to anyone or anything, nor held captive by anyone or anything. He has no boundaries, which make Him cease to increase, for His thoughts are held captive to no one but to the Godhead itself. And God does not oppose God. God does not work against God, for together as One They brought all of the freedom of Their Perfect Being into the confines of the flesh and worked our salvation from the confines of the Earth ~

God in the flesh is a perfect revelation of our God who is untamed in nature, free in Spirit, unchallenged in liberty… For to go the extra mile, for Him it is only extending out into what is endless in its purpose to bring revelation to God and what He freed us for and what He freed us into, so we may know the difference between real captivity and true freedom.

For He came bringing to us unexpected love and undeserved forgiveness and unbelievable patient perseverance to see all sinners repent and believe the good news because the Kingdom of God was near. He came as a Man in the confines of the flesh to pay the ransom for our freedom but was never under the control or power of any other living thing. He thinks freely and acts as He will, for He gave Himself generously and without cost to us to release us from bondage unto death, and to clear away any obstruction from our path back to glory as He destroyed and dissolved and undid the works of the devil. But never did anyone or anything have any power over Him, or control Him, or restrain Him, or tame Him, or master Him, or change Him, or shackle Him, or intimidate Him… For He was and is His own Person, and He is no respecter of men and is always free to do as He pleases, and it pleased Him to bring freedom to the captives and to bring eyesight to the blind, and to release from the dungeon those who sit in darkness… For the Lord is His Name, and He will not give His Glory to another, nor His praise to idols, and it is He who does a new thing, and before it springs into being, He is the One who announces it to us ~

For He is living and active and sharper and more awesome and fearsome and powerful than any double edged sword – bursting forth with love given so freely in its unrelenting pursuit to declare its intentions of Christ in us, God’s hope of Glory… a mountain that to climb it would bring us to God being heard and seen, known and understood by His creation as God is heard and seen and known and understood by only God Himself. For that is only the beginning of God’s freedom for us… only the beginning of what He has freed us into, for the Beginning and the End is soon to enter creation once more because God made Himself heard so His Son could be seen, so we could listen to the manifest Son and so know and understand the invisible, invincible God who comes forth as Opera manifest, for Opera manifest is the sound of the all of everything that God has ever wanted… IT IS THE sound of God’s hope of Glory as Christ is formed in us. It is where we are exposed to the revelation of the place in Christ where the inexpressible is now expressed by God, where the untranslatable is now translated by God, and where the unwritten is written in God’s signature script, in thought, desire, hope, emotion, imagination and will. It is the sovereign realm of listening to Jesus as God does listen to God. It is God taking us on a journey into what is now seen because Word made itself heard… and into what is now heard because Word made itself seen.

God made Himself heard and God made Himself seen. He permitted us to hear and see Him because it is His unchanged nature, His love that He has for being free from being bound and made to conform to concepts that are of the intention to imprison and stifle and control and to make life just a pulse within our flesh when life was given so it could be lived to the full with God, and lived in the presence of the freedom of His W/word and where it desires to take us… For there is a place in Christ where He voiced His hopes for us and the life we could have if we believe in Jesus Christ, and so took His persistent and fearsome and untamed and yet merciful love for all of which He has made and revealed Himself and His Son for His ultimate Glory to manifest ~

So what does opera do to the emotion of a God who cannot be made to conform, who cannot be tamed, who cannot be confined by the will of man, who cannot be uninvolved in nor not love what He has made, especially when God’s creation is of the sounds of Jesus and the hope of glory Jesus holds for the Father?

And so any interpretation of God or His W/word or His promises or His judgements that fail to bring justice to the truth stand condemned, for the Holy Place where sin was condemned by God was the Body of Jesus Christ, the Body of God manifest, the Body which represented salvation and resurrection for all, and which was our freedom back into the all of God… freedom which is far, far removed from what the majority think they know about what it is to being set free into the all of God… and so God will be and is His own interpreter of the way He works, of the truths He speaks, and of the life He came to bring. And interpretation is not obtained by our neglect, nor our intellect, nor by persuasive words, but only by the subsequent operation of the Holy Spirit upon our acceptance of Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ only.

So is our heart ready before the Father, as we are constantly brought back to the revelation of the Cross of Jesus Christ by Him. For it is at the Cross of Christ where what Jesus really did comes pouring out over us to wash away any empty teachings, which have been believed but which have failed to bring justice to the T/truth. It is where we learn it is not by human wisdom that we can preach its revelation lest it be emptied of its power, that we cannot give interpretation of our own to what really took place in the sight of God and in the sight of men, for the Holy Spirit is the only One who can power it into us, the only One who can make us ready to receive such revelation. Otherwise we cannot preach the perfection of the Gospel of Jesus Christ nor reveal the Jesus Christ of the Gospel in all of His Perfection, in all of His Power and Might and Glory –

For God is Perfect and in hot pursuit of Christ in us, His hope of Glory… and Christ in us begins at the Cross… Christ manifest in us for the Glory of the Father begins at the Cross of Jesus where we lay it all down before Him in the hope that we may be worthy to follow Him. And the glory the Father is in pursuit of, will be uncontested, unaccusable, unapproachable, untouchable, for that is how perfect the glory is that comes through Jesus our Lord and through those who abide in Him and His word abides in them as His powerful word, which upholds all things, shows us as its interpretation comes through deep operatic tones and revelation, just what song does… just what opera does to the emotion of God, the hopes of God… just what opera does to our God who soars in His word, which cannot be held down.

For God does not conform to men’s thoughts of Him, but instead will hold men’s thoughts captive to His Christ, for then the freedom of which God offers them will be made known, and the power that the devil binds them will be broken, for it is God in His untamed nature and His unaccusing love who found a way to come into His creation by way of the flesh, and to then bring forth a new creation… a new creation that would give multiplication to His Glory and magnification to His Name.

For He is open to all and everything that gives life in the full… that is our God! Our God who cannot be put into a box, our God who cannot be mocked, who cannot be made to be a certain way for us to look good. For He is every way and everything that leads to truth and life, which explodes into the fullness of a life of truth, which is unstoppable in its quest to reveal the all of that will bring unequalled Glory to God our Creator who is our Father and our Lord.

AND how we should desire to know, really know and understand the all of the freedom He fought to give to us, He came to give us… to understand how deep it runs and how wide it extends for He came because HE is that Freedom, and He knows how deep it runs and how wide it extends, and He is the only One who could release us back into the grandness of its scale and prepare us to live it on such a scale of grandness and not be lost in it… lost to its splendour… lost in its splendour. But He has come to teach us the better way, the best way, and if we follow Him… what cannot be written… the unscripted wilderness of Him… that is what we will also live… for even as He is revealed in word written, there is so much of Him unscripted… so much is there for us to live that will never be put into written words. For our life with Him has only just begun if it is God Himself we are searching for, the God who is wild and free and extreme and radical in His hopes and His dreams and His visions for us and for Himself –

For we are not in search of a God that men have added to or taken away from or manufactured or reinvented according to what they have said, done, believed, preached or practised, killing off the revelation of His true nature and substituting it with a God who is without surprise, without radical teachings, without extreme and divinely spectacular hopes and plans for our future… who is without free form of word and presence, thought and action, without freedom to form us in His character and nature… for HE IS a God who does what He pleases and says what He thinks – He is unchanged in His purpose and deeply passionate about the truth of life in Christ and does not submit to being reigned in and bridled with what is of the doctrines of men in search of themselves and not in search of God unexplored and unrevealed and unchallenged. For He, who is just so out of the ordinary in everything He does and manifests and plans and brings into fruition, is the Lord and God we are following and searching the depth of with a desperate intensity, in the hope that we may fulfil the hopes that He has for us so glory may rain down on Him now and forevermore in an ever increasing abundance ~

So what does opera do to emotion that is pure, to a heart that is pure, to motives that are pure in their intentions, to release us into the freedom of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost? What does opera do to mercy so sweet in its release, to grace which is so sufficient, to power made perfect in weakness? What does opera do to hope when it is only Christ in us, which is God’s hope of glory? What does it do to He who has shared His Threefold Identity, opening His Oneness to embrace what the Lord has made? What does it do to One who cannot be chained and who is untameable, yet self controlled and practical, One who is gentle yet fearless, who gives freedom generously and without cost, giving it all to release us from bondage, to forgive our sins, to clear a pathway to the road of glory, and to forget what was the most tragic mistake of our life? He forgives… He forgets… He makes all things new… And no one, NO ONE fights like the Lord does for us to be freed into the all of Him and no one on this Earth or in the Heavens hurts like He does…

So what does opera say about Him? When God manifests as Opera and the universe is bowed in holy reverent silence, what does that say about Him? What is He saying about Himself… the One no one can counsel… the One no one can bind… the One no one can bring into captivity… the One no one can stop from receiving all the Glory… the One no one can dethrone? That the Lord of the Opera is well and truly alive! And He is the sound of Life in the fullness of Freedom absolute, and He is Master of all things, and He is the Love in all things, and He gives interpretation to whom He wishes, and He has mercy on whom He has mercy and compassion on whom He has compassion. And He is arriving soon and only on clouds of glory will He be brought to us and seen by us and mourned by us as we see the One we have pierced, the One who says, “Friend, what you have to do, do quickly. Friend do you betray Me with a kiss?”

For our beloved Father Himself is captivated by Jesus who only does only what pleases the Father, bringing Him glory through fulfilling and being the Fulfilment of even the smallest desire, wish, thought and hope that has arisen or may arise in the mind and heart of God, anticipating His every thought and desire and gesture. His commitment to Him is not burdensome… His complete love for Him not wearisome… Their hope for each other never eclipsed. Freedom for all as salvation reigns supreme never undermined ~

For His commitment is one which should put our commitment in question ~

His love one which should put our love under scrutiny ~

Their hopes for Each Other, ones which should put our hopes for God out to the forefront because what They have with Each Other IS what They offer to us, and it is above reproach, above accusation, above any of our thoughts of God that have not first been held completely captive to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit…

What they offer to us is above and beyond word spoken, above any way we have ever lived before, ever considered before as a way of life, as we took our existence for granted, took the necessity to be saved as foolishness, and then within this framework of God, which is His creation, proceeded to interact so inadequately with one another as we thought our bondage was our freedom and the sin at work in our flesh just our natural way of life ~

But the Lord knew differently, and He arrived with unexpected loyal abiding love, fierce in its desire to destroy the works of the devil and for men to be turned from the power of Satan back to God, to be changed by such a determined, persistent, overwhelming love. And He challenged us and our faith and our way of life… His love and mercy and forgiveness of us challenged us to the core… challenged us to look at what we have never seen, never believed… challenged our unforgiveness and bitterness and pride and arrogance… challenged our self image and tore off our shackles and blinders and brought to the very doorway of our heart the truth of our stubbornness and hardness in not being able to forgive others, in not being able to resist judging others, in not being able to stop accusing others…

For when God forgives us and holds such hopes for our future, we are challenged by such love and such belief in us and such hopes for us and we are in resistance… we are in a struggle with the sin at work in us… we are in an encounter with our old way of life, of seeing ourselves as we really are, and sometimes even in a struggle to even come to the place where we even like ourselves, and when we stop resisting Him, and receive His love and forgiveness, and be in submission to His powerful correction and hold the hopes He has for us… hold them also for ourselves, for when we embrace them… embrace what God has for us to be, we are changed beyond recognition, we are set free… set free from even hating ourselves… set free from going nowhere because Jesus came and told us to come follow Him and He would take us everywhere, for Jesus arrived to set us free regardless of whether we like Him or not, regardless of whether we love Him or not –

Jesus arrived to set us free, to free us into the all of the Father with His own flesh and blood and with His own heart which was filled to overflowing with forgiveness, mercy and grace and truth. He arrived to conquer death …to destroy the works of the devil …to be our resurrection and our life… He arrived so we may live and never die to the glory of God the Father who sent Him ~

This God of ours, who is so big, so big of heart, so full of hopes for our future, who holds everything in the palm of His hand, can go where He desires and do as He pleases and create what He speaks and thinks what He wishes ~ He is of such immaculate character that we have to truly and fully get our mind around such an unblemished nature, the nature of the One of whom is not turned away by our resistance to Him… by the ugliness of our sinning ways… by our hard hearts, which have such evil thoughts… He did not turn back when we hated Him without reason, and when we find His love so difficult to accept and His desire for our salvation so hard to receive… This is our wonderful Lord and God who does not conform to any of our ideas of what and who He should be, for He knows what is best for us and He does what is best for us.

And He is so understated in His natural and unpretentious nature that when He is boxed into religious and suffocating images of Himself, we cannot appreciate what is the freedom He came to give us… we cannot appreciate what is the extreme life He died to give us… we cannot appreciate the frontier which cannot be mastered and of which He wants to bring us into so our nature and our character, which is of Him, can come into the fullness of its glory so He may be glorified through us to the extreme, unlimited measure of glory upon glory upon glory, for He is anything but religious and pretentious and pious or eager to abandon or punish… He is everything that is of the opposite, for that is why Jesus could relate so well to the outcasts and sinners and tax collectors and prostitutes and those who had been rejected by the priests and teachers of the law, those deemed as good for nothing, for those are the ones He called to Him… Those are the ones who will do what He has done and then step into doing the greater things because Jesus said so, and Jesus is true to His word, for Jesus is His Word, and Jesus IS God…

Jesus who ate and drank and associated with sinners, always among the lame and the dying, the blind and the possessed, always in search of the lost, feeding the hungry and teaching the poor.

For that is our God in all of His Royal Majesty! That is why no one can dethrone Him, for that is when He is in His most majestic… when He is the Royal Highness that He is… that is the mark of His never ending Kingdom… the mark left by His Cross…

WHO can take His position? Who can usurp One such as He? Who is more gracious and more giving? Who is more forgiving and more merciful? Who is more persistent and arrives with such expected love for the worst of sinners?

HE IS Majesty… He is Grace… and more gracious and more majestic is no one, other than our Lord Jesus Christ at the hour and the hours when He was handed over into the hands of His accusers and submitted Himself to the fullness of the will of God until it was finished… until it was completed… until it was fulfilled.

Jesus, at the times when He does not look as royalty should look, act as royalty should act, speak as royalty should speak, is when He is at His most Majestic, as we see the character of the invincible God we serve. That is our Lord and God! And who can discipline Him or break His Spirit or change His nature or hold Him down or restrain Him from redeeming the lost or from pouring out love that will take the worst of sinners and make them a son of the Living God? Who can overcome Him or master Him or subdue Him or conquer Him? And into the ALL of Him has He freed us through Christ Jesus our Lord…

So thank God He is who He is, that He is persistent, fearless and fearsome… that He is loyal and unable to be changed or conquered… that He is radical and extreme and without prejudice, and only with Him can and will we find real joy and true happiness and life in the fullness of the exploration and worship of Him… being with Him in the solid Glory of the solid Truth of what He saved us for and for whose sake He spared us…

For He is not withholding or taking us way past boundaries that we have formed around ourselves and into all of which He hopes for us… He is all for freeing us into places which test us, challenge us, grow us, perfect us… and He is not going to sit still and allow us to portray Him nor make Him what we think He should be or how He should act or what He should be in pursuit of… He is not someone who will fail under pressure or relent under false worship.

He is unadorned glorious Freedom, and He is free to pursue Glory in the highest, in all of its natural state of splendour, and He is in the deep of pursuit of Christ in us, and with Christ in us, we can bring Him the glory He desires and deserves, for it is a splendorous and unique part of His nature and a mighty part of His Being, and we are to bring to Him all of His hopes of Glory, for that is why we are permitted to have Christ in us, for the sake of the Father, for the sake of His glory…

And so for the sake of the Father and His glory, we are to make every effort to enter through the narrow door and into the very centre of Jesus with our adornment being an eagerness to submit to His every challenge He sets before us. For it is Jesus in the full that our heart is to be overflowing with as we declare with the power that comes from our transformation, that it is the Lord our God who we are returning to… not returning to ask for our share of our inheritance but to return with Christ in us, HIS hope of Glory fulfilled ~

Standing, kneeling, laying, soaring, transfiguring into the Holiness of Worship…

For we have come to the entrance of life in the fullness of the Father who seeks all the glory. Life in the Father who said, “I did not say seek Me in vain, but seek and you shall find.” For His W/word has a body… His Word has a Name… and His body and His Name was not given in vain nor out of His vain imaginations of what His word made flesh could and would accomplish.

For we will not shrink back so as to be shut out from the presence of the Lord and from the majesty and glory of His glorious power and the glory of His might and His strength, for we are to know with a knowing, which is in oneness with God, why the righteous live by faith and that if we do shrink back, His soul will not be pleased. But we are to make every effort not to shrink back, nor fail under pressure, nor succumb to religious antics, which have nothing to do with listening to Jesus nor practising His word, because Jesus never shrank back and never failed under pressure and never gave rise or instituted any religious antics, which had nothing to do with listening to hear what the Father was saying and speaking, and with Him the Father was always well pleased.

So what God has with God has with God is what They offer to us, and only coming into that commitment with perfect love will we then come into the full living of just how persistent He is, and just how extreme and radical and fearsome and untamed in nature He really is…

So we step forward without reservation, for He is the Lord our God and His plans for us, His hopes for us, are held deep in the foundations of His own eternity…

So what does that say about His plans and hopes for our future? It says they are set solid in Christ Jesus who is the foundation on which all the truths and promises and hopes and dreams of God are set solid, and they all will come to pass, for the Holy Spirit will make sure that not one of them falls to the wayside, for Jesus has come in the flesh. And He has overcome the world and conquered death and God will reign supreme and He will be our God and we will be His people… YES, Jesus has come in the flesh and is again soon returning in the flesh as the Glory of God’s Word makes all things new to the supreme and ultimate Glory of God the Father!!!

OUR FATHER, our wonderful, gentle, humble, yet invincible and indestructible God who will not be compromised, overcome, mastered or subdued, whose W/word cannot be chained down as His truth frees us into being held captive to the thoughts of God, as God is held captive to the thoughts of God…

And He came bringing to us unexpected love and undeserved forgiveness… And that is what will change each of us into bringing His hopes for us into their eternal fulfilment.

So do not allow the formation of Christ in us be hindered by persuasive words and flattering lips for Jesus came to us to bring us home for the glory of the Father, and the Holy Spirit is here to make sure that Christ IS formed in us, for that is the Father’s hope upon hope of glory upon glory… Glory which will line the New Heavens and bathe the New Earth in its lustre and its light.

So those who are preparing for the Lord’s return in the flesh, let Jesus be glorified and let the glory the Father desires now begin to be made manifest, so as to form the clouds of glory on which Jesus will return back to this Earth to begin His earthly reign as all the kingdoms of the world become the Kingdom of God and His Christ.



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