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Beyond All Reason

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Righteous Father, indeed the world did not know You but I knew You and these knew that You sent Me and I made known to them Your Name, and will make it known that the love with which You loved Me may be in them and I in them.[1]

When the Name of the Righteous Father is made known, the love with which the Father loved Jesus may then truly be in us… love that never looks back, never backs down, never lets down nor turns away, for it is full of the knowledge of the Living God and is forever working all things out so nothing remains unreconciled or irreconcilable unto Him…

A love that commits to never allowing anything to change it or blemish it –

A sacrificial, merciful, gracious, powerful, forgiving, life giving, reconciling and righteous love to be in us in its full Revelation of God as held in Jesus to take us into our full salvation and oneness with Him, revealing the massive depth of God and His Glory, parts of which if we could search them out, we would still be unable to comprehend it –

For Jesus is the only One who holds the knowledge of God and so the knowledge of our salvation, for all of which we need to know is held in only Him – and that is why we have to listen to Him, for God has not entrusted any other man with what He has entrusted to Jesus – no other has the knowledge He has concerning the Father and concerning salvation –

For He is the expression of God’s divine stand-alone love… seen as Jesus stood alone in the world God so loved… stood alone before His accusers, stood alone before His own brothers and stood alone before His own cross, full of God’s grace and truth and always to bring reconciliation of men back to God – for it is not God who needs to be made one with us, but us who need to be made one with Him… for that is the pivotal point of our salvation – coming to know Him, the very core of why we live to never die – live to know Him of whom we are made in the Image of, and that is when we have closure on our life as it is in the world – Closure on what does not bring us to know Him more as we become more consciously aware of the massive depth and range of the knowledge of He who saved us – and that we would love and want Him just as much as He loves and wants us – searching for Him in places where no one else would search for Him… and finding Him in places where no one else could find Him….

For He loves us just as much as He loves Jesus, and that truth opens our eyes to see that coming to know Him is our first love, and is why we never want to die ~ and so it is that it is our prime objective and our only concern, for out of that knowing of Him comes that complete reconciliation with Him, and out of that complete reconciliation with Him comes that Divine Oneness with Him, and out of that Divine Oneness with Him flows the perfect love with which He loves Jesus – and with which we can now love Him, for it is the very core reason of salvation for all.

For the days of distress, which are unequalled since the creation of the world, are the outcome of the rejection of the love by which God so loved Jesus – the rejection of the love by which God so loved the world and the distress of these days is like nothing which has ever been seen on Earth before because Jesus was like no one ever seen on Earth before.

For all the knowledge of our salvation and eternal life was held in the Son exclusively… the only One to whom the Father has given the complete Revelation of God –

For all things were given Him by the Father – all things being the complete Revelation of God, which is and holds the revelation of all things –

For all things that belong to the Father belong to the Son and that is why we cannot listen to anyone else – for there is no one else who has the knowledge that is held in Jesus Christ, but only have what has been derived from Him –

He is the entire source of all of which God wants to impart to men – all of its massive and superb clarity of vision, which only serves to render us more conscious of the immensity of our God and the elevation and stature of His Jesus.

For even though we have human affections and He has divine affections, and even though He has a Divine Will and we have a human will, and even though we have human emotions and He has Divine Emotions – and even though He is sinless and we are sinful – even with all our differences, the merging of the two came only through Jesus –

And through the joining of humanity with Divinity came a way by which we, who are human, could be completely and perfectly reconciled to He who is of Divine Spirit.

For Jesus was fully man and He had a human will, even though He knew and did the Will of God the Father – for the range and depth of all the issues at Gethsemane and all the reasons for which those prayers and cries of Jesus went out to the Father are immense – and in amongst all of it, is also that with human emotions and human sufferings Jesus cried out that it be not His will that is done, but the Will of the Father that be done – not the human will be done, but the Will of God that has to be done.

He surrendered the lesser unto the greater – the human will unto God’s Will, acknowledging His humanity and then submitting to God’s Divinity –

For as a Man, Jesus went to the cross, but as a Man with the knowledge and understanding of God and His Will and His Ways and His Love – A Man with the courage of One who knows the Father and that He is the only One who is Good and He came to reveal that Father and make known His Name and His Goodness –

For even Jesus stood in awe and knelt in submission to the One who was greater than Him, so how much more us… how much more should we… but in truth how much less do we… for it can only be through the listening to Jesus, who has the knowledge of God exclusively, that we can come to know the One True Living God, and only that will make us stand in awe and kneel in submission in the same way Jesus did… and be one with Him in the way He knows and loves and worships Him.

For we do not get oneness with God from oneness with each other, but oneness with each other when we have oneness with God… oneness as Jesus is One with the Father and the Father One with Him – and it involves total surrender to He who is greater, wiser and above all, in that He is all knowing and all powerful and into whose hands we can commit our spirits.

For the blood of Jesus, which makes our oneness with God possible, is as thick and as strong as the bond of Father and Son – it is eternal as Their Covenant relationship – as rich as Their Covenant Loyalty and as powerful as Their Covenant Love, for we are made one with the same Glory – the same Covenant – the same Love… the same Father and the same Son by the same blood and the same sacrifice – and as Jesus is the Sacrifice given to bring salvation unto the world, then the world will be saved though it, and His blood will be avenged and God will be satisfied!

For the Father would not have sent Jesus into the world as the payment for all sins if only a few were to be saved – if only half the world was to be salvaged ~

For Jesus is worth more than that… God is worth more than that… and to God, men are worth more than that, for through the Son, the world was formed and through the Son, the world will be saved… all saved… but not all for the same reason… but nevertheless as He died once for all, so it is salvation for all ~

Because through trial and sacrifice and blood and discipline, which was so hard, Jesus was able to accomplish that of which the Father sent Him to accomplish, and accomplish it as a Man who knew God – because it was not easy… reconciliation is never easy but always worthwhile – and the job He was to do was not made easy for Jesus by the Father, but was the hardest of all things They would all ever have to do, and only Their Oneness and Their desire to remain in that Oneness made it possible and made it worthwhile…

And it has been already said that we took it too far when we were presented with the Lamb of God who was to be sacrificed for the forgiveness of our sins once for all… His flesh real food and His blood real drink. And it is not; did we take it too far? It is yes, we did!

We wanted to kill Him and then kill Him again… we hated Him and His Father and did not know why which made us hate Him even more… and we acted on that hatred without reason and demanded every ounce of blood be shed from the Lamb given for our forgiveness of sins and wanted more… the measure of blood that was to be shed for us, given to us by God to atone for our sins was still not enough for us, and so we had to take it into our own hands and we flogged Him, and we flogged Him again and again until we thought the measure satisfied our hatred… and then what was left, we spat upon with utter contempt at His refusal to fight evil with evil…

We hated with such vengeance that we could not conceal and demanded so much more than what was already given to us… so much so that Jesus was interceding while on the cross before God with compassion for us, but with even more compassion for God… for as always, even in His darkest hour, He had on His mind the things that only God had on His mind… and He said, “Forgive them Father, for they do not know what they are doing,” not asking for forgiveness for what they were doing to Him… of how they were treating Him as such, but for what they were doing to the Father as He watched His Lamb… watched His Son who He gave, and He was not only being rejected and not welcomed and not listened to – for God knew that the blood of the Lamb had to be shed so forgiveness could be given, but He was barbarically flogged and slaughtered and cut open to the bone – and yet men had no intention in heart or mind whatsoever of eating of the Lamb of God… had no intention of partaking of His flesh and drinking of His blood that they may have life through Him – have forgiveness of their sins through Him – but were just going to discard Him like a piece of rubbish when their vengeance was satisfied… the forgiveness Jesus asked for was to ease the pain of the heart of the Father for compassion for God always comes first… for then it is His Godly compassion that He pours out to us…

The way Jesus loves the Father and the love that the Father loves Jesus has to be in us… for God’s vengeance is not as men’s vengeance, just as God’s compassion is not as men’s compassion… and only the continual coming to know the One True Living God, through listening to Jesus, will be the only way we can be reconciled to Him in every way and in all of its completion… for our reconciliation into oneness with Him has to come first and has to be complete in His eyes before we can be in complete reconciliation or oneness with anyone else, and before we can take perfect vengeance for the Lamb slain without mercy.

We have been given a second chance because of the Lamb slain… because the Lamb of God that was slain is JESUS… and only through Him, do we have a chance and even a second chance to be one with He who is Divine –

And what is above all worth, is that we come to the Father only through Jesus with His blood still on us, so there is nothing that separates us from Him… nothing to stop us having oneness with the Father as Jesus has Oneness with Him, if only always we come by the way of which has been given us – by the way of JESUS… for that is how much Jesus is worth to Him and why Jesus is the only One He could send – the only One He could trust with the knowledge of God and the salvation He had for men – the only One through whom we could come to the Father with our humanity intact and then be so beautifully transfigured by His Divinity into our true form –

For we must come to know He in whose Image we are made and then we will know we can never improve on that – but it is only God who can bring it into its perfect form through reconciliation back to Him.

And so it does take the courage of Jesus Christ to stretch out our hand and to touch the real us and then to touch the real God… but when we touch the good courage of Jesus – the courage to love as He loves… and to love the Father as He loves Him, we see He has already rolled the stone away so we can see the truth of God… so we can see that Jesus is alive – and when we touch the Father’s Son, we have touched our Father… touched what is intangible… and have touched our Father’s hand again and touched His arm that wrought our salvation and it has been a long time coming – but have now touched His courage and His love and His desire for us – even His jealously for us – His courage to love us who were once His enemies and so have touched the mind of God and His election process that THE Son would fill the role of Saviour… that the position would only be filled by the One who is the Son of the Only True Living God –

The One who knew Him, and was with Him from the beginning –

The One who knew what no one else could know… and all the proofs we are to have in our own life now allow us to touch the reason for our salvation – even He who is our Salvation – And what we could never accomplish, we now accomplish because we love Him beyond reason even though we know not the All of Him, but we love Him more than all of every distress and we do not want to lose that love… we do not want to lose Him… we do not want to compromise our relationship with Him nor the W/word that came from Him…

And it is ok… it is alright to fall into the Father and to want to be a child who is dearly loved by Him and to feel the safety of Him… and its ok to be that child and be nestled within Him even as we are taken into a more mature state of growth and have to do the hardest of all things… for us to do… that is… for we know Jesus took the hardest and the harshest and the greatest and the deepest, and brought them hard to the wall – and never wavered in His obedience or faithfulness or love unto the Father so we may follow in our weakness and in our frailty yet with the miracle of God’s full power in us… God’s full love in us… the miracle that we can follow Jesus and be used to bring glory to Him because we have attained to the highest principle of our salvation, and that is to listen to Jesus who is the only One who can impart the knowledge of God to us that will save us and bring us back to Him completely…

For we only know in part the all of which He took upon Himself to be made able to be our Saviour, but we know He took it to Calvary and slammed that cross into the ground for His Father and His God and it was never in defeat but only always in victory –

Was He ashamed to call us brothers and sisters? NO. Was He ashamed of the way the Father wrought salvation? NEVER. Ashamed that He was in the world as a mere man? NOT LIKELY, for He thrust the cross of salvation into the Earth with the power of God’s love for the world and He never looked back but only looked up and said, “Forgive them Father for they do not know what they are doing” ~

For as much as God so loved the world, He loved JESUS more.

He loved Jesus more, and even if we do not understand that even in this way… in the giving of Jesus, He proved it… He gave Him all Revelation of God and announced He was His Beloved Son… declared that He loved Him… stated that He was well pleased with Him and then commanded us to Listen to Him.

There is no one else who knows what Jesus knows… NOT ONE… not the most anointed apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor or teacher… for all of which they know of the Father, all of which they know of God… has been derived from Jesus… they know nothing on their own and can do nothing on their own and should not speak on their own but only what Jesus has already spoken…

For the Father sacrificed the One Person… the One Son… the One and Only Word of God… for that is how much He loved the world and how much more He loved His Son, for if the love of His Son was not more than His love of the world, then it would not have been a sacrifice… a sacrifice given once for all ~

If He did not give the very source of His love, then the sacrifice did not count… had no power to save…. had no power to resurrect… it was the value of the sacrifice, the depth of the sacrifice, what the sacrifice meant to Him that allowed all to be reconciled back to Him once for all.

Nothing less than the very Love of His Life that He gave would have saved the world of which was perishing ~

There was nothing and no one else who would have been such a sacrifice to the Father… He sacrificed the One who knew Him… He sacrificed the One who loved Him… and He sacrificed the One He loved above all else.

And until we know and understand how much He loves His Son, we will never know how much He loved the world… and until we know and understand how much He loves the world, we will never come to know the love with which He loves His Son, Jesus… loves Him so much so that listening to Jesus is the Secret of Oneness with God…

For only through Him, God spoke to the world in a language they could not understand… the language of Truth… the language of Sacrifice… the language of Love… the language of Forgiveness… the language of the Knowledge of God…He was speaking the Revelation of God, making it seen and heard…

But rarely listened to is the language of God as heard through Jesus ~

For the language of Honour is rarely understood by men… the language of Glory rarely undertaken by men… and the language that reconciles us completely to God, rarely accepted by men.

For to listen and to obey and to fulfil the teachings of the Son is what makes men the Creation of God they are, and is their calling and their formation into the very City of which the Father is headed towards, making them pillars in the Temple of their God… for the world can hear the sound of those who are accomplishing all of which Jesus has done, but they do not know from where they come nor to where they are going… for so it is of everyone born of the Spirit… everyone born of God, who gave us free will, for only He knew the power that is in being able to freely choose good over evil, mercy over sacrifice, life over death…

For there is power in freedom to choose… to choose to love God… to choose to listen to Jesus… to choose to hold onto His teachings… free will given to us by the Father from the very beginning was the start of the great power and the great life of which He had invested into us. The freedom of will to choose Him above all else… to love Him above all else… to love Him more than this…

For the Love by which the Holy Spirit loves Jesus empowers us, as the gift of free will now surfaces into its full maturity to freely and willingly love Him, listen to Him, stay with Him, obey Him – always enduring, waiting, watching, praying, never ceasing to come to know Him through our continued repentance… for it is going to take the all of which the Holy Spirit was sent to give, so men can give glory to Jesus… for it will be men and women baptised into the Holy Spirit – baptised into His Love and into His Power… men and women born of the Spirit and baptised into Him and His Love of Jesus… entrusted by Him not for no reason, for this time there are reasons for why He elects who He elects – there are reasons why He must be able to entrust His full power to men… why He must be able to entrust His Love of Jesus to men… the Love of which the Spirit of Understanding does give us counsel into, as He gives outpouring of its Revelation upon our spirit and upon our flesh and then upon the world… For it will come with full power… with full power, He will release the Revelation of His Love for Jesus Christ… such dynamite ready to be lit by the fire of His jealous anger for the Lord to be avenged… for it is beyond any reasoning as to why He would go so far as to sacrifice unto death, unto life, unto no reward, an only begotten Son except that the reward of loving without reason is above and beyond the realm of creation but only of the realm of the Creator… for there is no lie in Him… no lie to hinder or suppress or cancel His love… for that is the perennial yearning of life in the full… for when we use well what we are given, then we will have more of it in abundance… when we use well of what came without reason, then we too will know what it is to love without reason, and we too will sacrifice without reason and without reward… but with the understanding that the coming to know God is our reward as it brings us into higher thoughts and stranger ways of which cannot be reasoned by our human mind – there is no reason – but that we are coming to know the One True Living God and Jesus Christ whom He did send – that we are moving in and into the power of knowing God, thinking and doing as we have not thought or done before –

For the living and vital and powerful truth that the Father loves us just as much as He loves Jesus grows in us as the priceless process of reconciliation back to the Father, moves into its completion, as it is understood more by us and we accept Him more and more as He is and not as we want Him to be – reconciling Him not to us but allowing Him to reconcile us to Him.

And until we see Him, we will soar with His teachings, and live to never die as the hardest of teachings make it that we are surely now unable to die for what we know of God – what we have in us – can only live to testify of the greatness of the Glory and Love of God as seen and made known to the world in His Only Begotten Son, and we will be held in life by such Revelation as we are in the Spirit of the Son of the Father’s Love, as the vengeance of God is satisfied and we in turn are satisfied – fully satisfied that it has been avenged upon us – avenged upon us the self-righteous demand we made by taking beyond what was given by God – and hating without reason the very all of the flesh and blood of the only begotten Son of the Living God who we barbarically slaughtered beyond recognition, with no intention of heart or mind of ever partaking of the sacrificial Lamb in the manner for which it was given nor with an acknowledgement of the reason for which it was given –

And when God’s soul is satisfied, then and only then is our soul satisfied and receiving fully all of which has always been held in our salvation… for salvation is not only about saving us, but about saving God from being unsatisfied, unavenged, unfulfilled, unreconciled with what His Son purchased with His blood – and until the blood of Jesus and the blood spilled because of His Name is avenged and avenged upon us first, then it still can be said, “forgive them Father for they do not know what they are doing…” it can still be said, “they hate Me without reason…” it still can be said, “get behind Me Satan…” it can still be said, “away from Me, I do not know you…” it can still be said, “do you want to leave Me too?” ~

For just as Jesus experienced our human weakness to make Him one with us that He might always be able to intercede for us before the Father for He understood us by way of our weaknesses of the flesh – so we experience His P/power and His Glory to make us one with Him and His love of Truth and His Life of Sacrifice and Honour that we may pray in the prescribed way, for we understand Him by way of His power… His P/power to save and reconcile all back to He who loved us beyond all reason.

He by our weakness and us by His power… and when it meets, it is always His power that is made more perfect in our weakness… never men’s power made more perfect in Christ’s weakness.

And when all is done, does the hand of the forsaken yet forgiving God rest its entire weight on His Book of Life… the scars that mark His journey into the Eternity of all things made now unable to be concealed… for it is by this journey… it is by these wounds that He carries, that He has been brought to the place where the dwelling of God is now with men and He will live with them – they will be His people and God Himself will be with them and be their God – and it took all of His Spirit and all of His Son and all of His Love, and His arm now lay outstretched and bare… His eyes closed… the blood stained robe laid at His feet as He sits alone, but yet not alone.

Justice has been done… and nothing has been left unsaid, unaccomplished, unfinished or unreconciled, and all that is left to be done is for Him to enjoy the love and life of the One and Only begotten Son of His Love and all of which was purchased by His precious blood and by His precious Love for His Father ~

God has been proven true!

And all men have been proven liars and now live knowing the Love of God can never be compromised but can only grow in its desire for all to come to know Him more and more.

For the Kingdom has been handed over to God the Father, for Jesus has destroyed all dominion, authority and power – for He reigned until He put all His enemies under His feet – the last enemy destroyed was death… and then the Son Himself will be subject to the Father who put everything under Him so that God may be all in all…

And then it is the waterfall of unlived dreams that come into its flow and moves to the edge of the eternity to spill over into what is eternally endless… to spill over into God… for Jesus had already experienced what is endless and eternal and He gave His life so we may know and experience it with Him… that we may know what life with the Father is….

And when finally all of our dreams meet with all of His, then together they become what dreams are truly made of, as they meet with the One who made them all come true.

For His Love is a Love that rescues – a love that sacrifices what is… to rescue what is not… to make all what it should be… for that is Love complete, and Love in its completion of Will and purpose – that is Love in its mature form – a Love which we will continue to grow in and which will continue to grow in us, for as God so loved the world, so God loves the certainty that Jesus is returning to take His throne and His Kingship upon this Earth and in this world which He so loved… so loved that He saved it from perishing with the ultimate sacrifice… saved it from perishing by sending His only begotten Son and its only rightful King who would lead it not into temptation, but deliver it from evil –

For such is His Kingdom and such is His power and such is His glory, that Justice cannot help but be served and God cannot help but continue to reconcile all back to Him –

For that is God – that is who He is – and that is who we came from – and who we are going back to – and if that is not what dreams are made of, then we have never had any dreams that have come near to the dreams of God ~

And so powerful are the dreams of God that the Father is homeward bound just as surely as Jesus is Earthward bound.

So, COME LORD JESUS COME… so that this time, the Father may witness not your betrayal and inhuman crucifixion, but witness your glorious welcome and your exalted Kingship as the Kingdoms of the world become the Kingdom of God and His Christ.



[1] John 17:25-26 [Interlinear Greek-English New Testament]


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