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“Why is My language not clear to you?  Because you are unable to hear what I say.”[1]  The Jews of John 8, who believed in Jesus but could not understand Jesus’ language, were the people this verse was directed to.  For in verses 31-32 it is written:  To the Jews who had believed Him, Jesus said, “If you hold to My teaching, you are really My disciples.  Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

Now Jesus goes on to say to these believers, yes, believers, “You belong to your father, the devil… when he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar…”[2]  So, why couldn’t these believers understand Jesus’ language?  Because when Jesus speaks, He speaks His native language also – Truth – for He is the Truth.  Jesus was, however, speaking to the Jews of His time in their common language, Aramaic.  So, why didn’t they understand Him?  Because the Aramaic of Jesus had a very heavy Truth accent, and those Jews were used to Aramaic spoken with a Liar’s accent.  It is like listening to a Scotsman speaking English sometimes.  You know he is speaking English, but you cannot understand half of the words he has said.  That is the problem with the Jews of John 8.  They couldn’t understand Jesus’ Aramaic because He had such a heavy Truth accent and they were used to the Liar’s accent.

But what language does Jesus use to speak to the Father before there were English, Hebrew or Aramaic?  What is the language native to God?  If Satan has a native language, so does God.  God’s native language is Truth, with a heavy Love accent because God is Love and Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life.  However they may well be multilingual, for one may also say God’s language is Love, for He is Love, and because He is Spirit, then His native language is spiritual.  Or, knowing the complexity of God, He may well speak Truth with a heavy Love accent in a spiritual way, or He may well speak the language of Love with a heavy Truth accent in a spiritual way, or He may speak spiritual languages that are heavily accented with Truth and Love.  Whatever, it is exactly what we will come to know, but enough for now that you recognise that the Kingdom of God has a native language.  We call it the gift of tongues through the Holy Spirit, the gift of different languages.  However, there is a gift of language that confuses, as it did at Genesis 11:7, and there is the gift of language that promotes understanding and unity.

As Christians, we have treated the gift of tongues as a novelty, as a spiritual gift that somehow manifests under certain circumstances like when the Holy Spirit wills it or when we use it to speak to God or when it is used with the gift of interpretation of tongues as in a church assembly situation.  All of the uses of this gift are correct and proper.  However, one aspect that we have never considered is the naturalisation of an immigrant into the Kingdom of God, just as an alien is naturalised into Australia.  If you and I are the citizens of the Kingdom of God, then it is natural that we learn the language, culture and traditions that are normal for the Kingdom of God.

It should not surprise you that the Kingdom of God has its own native language and its natives speak it with a heavy native accent.  The foreigners speak it with a foreign accent and hesitation that immediately distinguishes them as expatriates, and, worse still, you would expect tourists from other kingdoms who cannot speak it at all.

Then, what is the native language of the Kingdom of God?  It is the language of God who is Spirit, Love and Truth, which manifests through the Holy Spirit as His gift of tongues.  A gift that can be counterfeited just as any language can be learned by foreigners, but the accent of a native is what foreigners find difficult to imitate, if not impossible.  Mel Gibson may sound like an American to us, but to some Americans, he probably sounds like an Aussie on all his films, but definitely not American because he is not a native.

Thus, when you look at something as basic as language, which by the way, is the first source of power given to men by which they may have authority on this Earth, Now the Lord God… brought them to the man to see what he would name them; and whatever the man called each living creature, that was its name,[3] you will see from the Kingdom of God perspective that the kingdom has its own language with its native accent.  Once you realise that, then you will also recognise the new arrivals who have learned the language, but still have not developed the accent.  You will recognise the tourists who are learning the language and can only speak one or two words, which they repeat over and over again whenever they speak because that is all they know, and then there are the impostors who speak a spiritual language that sounds like ours to foreigners, but is nowhere like ours, counterfeit tongues, the spiritual language of demons.  You see, to a European, Cantonese sounds like Mandarin, but not to a Chinese.  And to most Francophile, your French may sound real, but not to a real Frenchman!

So, likewise, you must now come to realise the advent of the Kingdom of God depends on the manifestation of the presence of real citizens of the Kingdom of God, authentic in their language, customs, traditions, behaviour and logic.  And unless such citizens of the Kingdom of God manifest in solo, then if as a fellowship you claim to be of the Kingdom of God, you must be able to speak to each other and understand each other in your native language.

You should expect that the citizens of the Kingdom of God would be able to speak to each other in “Goddish” and understand each other, just as you expect Englishmen to speak in English to each other and understand each other.  It should be natural then, for you and I should be able to converse with spiritual languages with the language of God and understand each other.  If there are foreigners in our midst, out of politeness we will converse in their language unless we do not want them to know what we are saying.  In the natural, I speak in English out of politeness to the English speakers so that they may understand, but if there was something private, I’d speak in Chinese as long as I know that no one understands what I am saying.  You see, a man may be able to speak Mandarin and understand some Mandarin, but if the Chinese politicians really do not want him to understand, they could accent their Mandarin and use colloquialism in such a way that though the man heard, he could not understand the whole message and perceive what was really said.

God said, “If as one people speaking the same language…”[4] then we must learn to be as one people speaking the same language.  If we desire to be of the Kingdom of God, then we must learn to speak the native language of the Kingdom of God as one people.  And not only must we speak it, we must understand what we are saying to each other, for God overcame the people of Babel by confusing their language “so that they will not understand each other.”[5]

It is time to take the gift of tongues, the first spiritual gift that manifested, to kingdom level above the church level.  For those who may find this Basic Book of the Kingdom of God detracting and strange, and who love the church more than they love the Founder of the church, the King who had a kingdom before He had a church, Jesus only mentioned the church twice in the entire four gospels.[6]  But regarding the Kingdom of Heaven and the Kingdom of God, He spoke of at least thirty-one times and forty-two times respectively by full title.  It was only when the first century church lost the power that He wrote the seven letters to the seven churches through John, so an additional eight times[7] He mentioned the church by His own mouth, compared with thirty-one and forty-two times of the Kingdom of Heaven and of God were mentioned by Him.

As such, what you are being taught is not elitism but basic, basic protocols of the kingdom that existed before the church and will continue to exist after the church, the Kingdom of God, the kingdom that outlasts even the Kingdom of Heaven.  The Kingdom of God is the only truly eternal kingdom.[8]

Those of us, who have used the gift of tongues to develop the ability to speak the language of the Kingdom of God with maturity fluently, must now once more cry out for understanding.  Understanding of the same one language we speak, the language of the Kingdom of God, “Goddish” or “Goddese”.  The one gift that has been overlooked for too long, the gift of interpretation of tongues, used with maturity, is the gift of understanding foreign languages, or rather the gift of understanding languages so that it should not be long before you and I should be able to speak in the language of the Kingdom of God to each other and understand what we are saying to each other as naturally as we now understand each other in English.

How can we say the Kingdom of God has come if there are no real representatives of the Kingdom of God, if there are no natives from that kingdom?  How can we say we belong to the Kingdom of God if we do not speak the same native language and understand each other?  At best, we are merely foreign workers, mercenaries, who speak the language, but are not natives.

Forget the power, forget the righteousness, peace and joy for the moment.  Now, learn to see, and go back to the real beginning of what makes a kingdom.  A kingdom always begins with a group of people who “as one people speaking the same language… have begun to do this.”  Every kingdom on Earth has its own native language, and if not language, its own dialect. 

Now that you have learned to see, now learn to hear, for as I have said, Jesus transfigured first and then the Father spoke, and they understood what He said.  You see, when God speaks to God, those who do not know Their language and hear it will be like the crowd who said, “it had thundered”; others said an angel had spoken to Him.[9]  We know it was God the Father speaking to the Son, the Word who was God, for it is written that Jesus said, “Father, glorify Your Name!”  Then a voice came from Heaven, therefore it is not the Holy Spirit who said, “I have glorified it, and will glorify it again.”[10]  “Goddish” or “Goddese” or “Goddean” – whatever you want to call it, the native language of God sounds like thunder or like the sound of many waters to those who are not familiar with it or who do not understand it.  Just like Cantonese sounds like an argument to foreigners.

Now that we have the basics:  the power, the righteousness, the peace, and the joy, even the eating and drinking, it is time to get the talking right.  For a group of miraculous, powerful people, who do not understand a word they are saying to each other, is not going to get much done.  And since it is “Thy kingdom come,” that we pray, then it is obvious that the Kingdom of God is not going to come through English speaking mercenaries wielding the power of the kingdom, or churches, or French or Malay, etc, but it will come through a group of people who are truly natives of the Kingdom of God, who speak the native language of the kingdom to each other with understanding as they wield the power of the kingdom.

So, does it seem strange to you that I suggest you practise speaking to each other in Goddish until the gift of understanding of the language comes to you, so that you can understand each other just like the Father and Jesus understood Each Other in John 12:28, whilst, to those who are standing near you, you may sound like foreigners speaking their native language.

Is this necessary?  No, not at all if the Lord meant to prosecute these last days using mercenaries hired from neighbouring kingdoms, like the Kingdoms of Man and Heaven.  But, if the Lord wants to prosecute these last days with His own men and women, who are His brothers and sisters, who are natives to the Kingdom of God, for they are born again not of the flesh but by the Spirit.[11]  Born not of natural descent, nor of human decision or a husband’s will, but born of God,[12] who are not children, but are mature and speak their native language with maturity with the same accent as their Father and Brother, then there must now begin to manifest such citizens on Earth amongst us, you and I speaking to each other in the native language of the Kingdom of God with understanding, the spiritual language that carries a heavy accent of Love and Truth, so heavy that it is entirely Love and Truth.  The language that carries in it not only the knowledge and wisdom, but the understanding, and through that understanding, the authority, and through that authority, the power to bring about the King’s will on Earth as it does in Heaven. 

John wrote:  You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the One who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.  They (the antichrist spirits) are from the world and therefore speak from the viewpoint of the world, and the world listens to them.  We are from God, and whoever knows God listens to us…[13]  If the children can overcome the antichrists,[14] then how much more the sons and daughters, not the children?  They speak from the viewpoint of the world; then let us learn to speak from the viewpoint of the Kingdom of God.  No, the Kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power.  However, unless its people speak and understand the same language, its own native language, how can there be a kingdom to begin with?  How can its King have a people if His people do not speak and understand His native language?

Do we allow our King to be served and surrounded by foreigners?  Or does our King have a people on Earth as He does in Heaven who are waiting to return with Him?  It is a Kingdom of Power, but its power cannot be unleashed in full until it has a people who speak the same language with understanding, then truly, it is a kingdom for which nothing is impossible.

Cry out for understanding of each other, and end the confusion of the night.  Daylight has come at last.  Amen.

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