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When you listen to a servant tell you about his master, you are getting the mindset, the mental perspective, of a servant concerning that person.  When you listen to a son describe his father, you are receiving a son’s perspective, which comes from the mindset of a son and not a servant.  One of the changes that Jesus brought with Him is that His message was spoken and delivered by One who not only knew God, but knew Him as His Father.  Prior to Jesus, all the Jews ever received were messages from God and about God by men and women who only knew Him as God, Lord, Master, Deliverer, Saviour and Provider, but not one of them, not even Moses, knew Him as their Father, nor did they relate to Him as a natural born son or daughter to their Father.  As such, their very messages were governed by their knowledge of Him based on their relationship, which determined their very thoughts about Him.  Their opinions of Him were therefore at best that of a friend, a grateful servant or a grateful populace, but not that of a son.

And if that was their opinion and thoughts about Him, so likewise their love, loyalty and jealousy for Him were at best far short of that of a well beloved and pleasing only son.  Not a spoilt and undisciplined only son, but a well pleasing, beloved only son.  There are of course only sons who are nothing but a source of grief and shame for their fathers, because they are undisciplined and have no love for their father, much less jealousy and zeal as our Lord Jesus has for His Father.  So, as an apprentice who is learning to know the very thoughts of God as the Holy Spirit knows His thoughts, and to have the mind of Christ in operation, your way of thinking must now change from that of a servant, friend or grateful beneficiary and even that of an undisciplined, deluded or self-centred son or daughter, to that of one whose thoughts are like that of Jesus about His Father and that of the Holy Spirit about the Father and the Son.  And for those who have acquired the mindset of a loving son or daughter, the change must now come so that you think not as one adopted but as one natural born of God.

So, when we heed the advice of Paul who wrote:  Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind… the true transformation and transfiguration that God is waiting for is when our minds begin to think as ones who are born not of man’s will, but of God’s will, and see that He is our natural Father.

When you learn to see God as your natural Father, you will realise that Adam and Eve are merely your foster parents, and when it comes to obeying first four commandments of the Old Covenant, you would then see that the fulfilment of the fifth is to honour your father and your mother as your foster parents.  Then the command to love your enemies and the practice of those commands truly brings out the qualities that you have inherited from your Father— the perfection, the mercy and the compassion. 

Listening to Jesus becomes a natural act, not a religious act or an obligatory act, because you are listening to your natural born Brother who has gone before you, who does know your Father better than you, for He was before you were born.  Suddenly everything that was religious, obligatory and mysterious becomes simple and logical.  And that is where God excels in His logic and simplicity, where His “yes” is a yes and His “no” is a no, where with four simple words everything that is hidden is revealed, and with one word what He wants is made known.

Loving one another as He has loved you is now as natural as being jealous and zealous for your natural born brothers and sisters, if you yourself are one who is jealous and zealous for your family.  Of course we know that in the world there are brothers and sisters who are at war with each other and would tear each other apart just to take possession of the family wealth.  Unfortunately, just as the revelation is now manifesting and some are being raised up to have the conscious mindset of natural born sons and daughters of God, there will be one in our midst in whom the mindset will be placed and then for reasons God only knows, will rebel, and like a son who would kill all his brothers and sisters to take the throne, so he will attempt to kill all who are the children of God and oppose even the Heir to the throne and prevent His coronation by destroying the Mount of Olives.  The understanding of this truth will ensure that you have no misplaced sympathy for the one who will be thrown alive into the Lake of Sulphur alongside with the puppet he raised to life as the beast.

This mindset will allow you to look at the Scriptures afresh and see the words of Jesus from the perspective of one who is receiving the instructions from his natural Father and not one who is receiving them from his adopted Father or Master or Lord or Friend.  As an example:  “For the pagans run after all these things, and your Heavenly Father knows that you need them.  But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well,” which the Lord said to teach us not to worry.  Children who have a good father rarely have to worry about what they need, they find that whatever they need is already provided for, even if that means their father has to work tirelessly, for a good father works tirelessly to provide.  Children who appreciate the efforts their parents go through to provide for them are those who do not complain that their parents are too busy for them, but value every minute that is spared for them.  How rare that is amongst the world.

Thus, as your mind is changed from the adoptive to the natural born, you will see this same command to “seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well,” is not a command that you fulfill to provide for yourself, but rather it is a command you fulfill to provide for God!  You seek first His kingdom to provide for His glory in His kingdom for His fame, His honour, His joy, His kingdom’s stability and longevity, as well as for His righteousness.  Seeking His righteousness no longer means you are seeking to be right in His sight, but rather that He is right in the sight of His friends and enemies.  Seeking His righteousness now means upholding Him in His decisions, judgements and actions and to show them to be just and sound at all times to all and sundry, be they His friends, enemies, servants and even your fellow brothers and sisters.  Seeking His righteousness now means God is always right.

If the angel in charge of the waters that becomes blood could say, “You are just in these judgements, You who are and who were, the Holy One, because You have so judged; for they have shed the blood of Your saints and prophets, and You have given them blood to drink as they deserve.”  And the altar responded, “Yes, Lord God Almighty, true and just are Your judgements.”  Then how much more should those of us who have been saved by His grace that we may be called His sons stand up for Him and His righteousness and declare, “God is right in all that He thinks, says and does”?

It is no longer seeking gain for yourself that you may be honoured and glorified before Him, but it is seeking gain for Him that He may be honoured and glorified before you.  The provision then that a natural born son seeks is not so that he would be clothed and fed, but rather, to be clothed and fed so that he can exalt his Father.  The display of the provisions, everything that the pagans run after, will not be so that you can show the world how blessed you are, how worthy you are and how well you have done and achieved things.  Rather, the display of these provisions is to show the world how generous your Father is, how capable your Father is, how rich, how all knowing, how powerful and how wonderful your Father is.

The root of the life of Christ, the core essence that maintained His life and gave purpose to His life, was to glorify His Father—to display to all creation and to make known to creation, angels, men and creatures, just how good His Father is, so that compared to Him no one is good, which is why Jesus said, “No one is good except God alone.”  When Jesus laid down His life in obedience to His Father’s command, He did so to show us that God the Father is such a good Father that He raised a Son who so loves Him that He would obey anything and everything commanded of Him, even death on a cross.  Jesus Himself shows us that He is a Son who so loves the Father that zeal for Him and His house consumes Him.  You should see that when Jesus prayed, “Glorify Your Son,” that His entire motive, His entire purpose for asking for that was so that “Your Son may glorify You.”  You see, if the Son is glorified, the Father is glorified for having such a Son.  If the Father is glorified, the Son is also glorified for having such a Father. 

That is why when your apprenticeship started, you were told to learn to think well of God, and to then think well of your brothers and sisters.  For if Christ is glorified, then our Father and we ourselves are glorified for having such a Son and Brother.  If the Father is glorified, then we, together with Jesus, are glorified for having such a Father.  If we are glorified, then likewise, the Father and Jesus are glorified for having children and brothers and sisters such as us.  In the natural realm, it is being a son, daughter, brother or sister that your family is proud to speak of to those who are not of the family.

Indeed, you would say a loud “Amen” to these words of Jesus:  “If anyone is ashamed of Me and My words, the Son of Man will be ashamed of him when He comes in His glory and in the glory of the Father and of the holy angels,” when you realise just how well Jesus sought first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, God’s, that is, and brought such glory to God that even the gates of Hades could not prevail, even Satan could not tempt Him and spiteful men did not embitter Him.  When you realise Jesus did so much to enrich the entire family of God, then indeed, you would not be ashamed of Him or His words or His works, for it is because of Him you have a future in a glorious family.  In this light, the light of the mindset of a well beloved natural born brother who loves his family, you will have very little tolerance and patience for those who try to take what Jesus has said and done to glorify themselves without giving due honour to Jesus, especially those who justify themselves at the expense of Jesus, like James the Younger.

You see, although Jesus was the Firstborn of Mary, James is the firstborn of Joseph, a half-brother who shared the same mother with Jesus but not the same Father.  Here he is, in the midst of this great new religion started by his half Brother that was changing history.  Instead of standing up and declaring that which Jesus has achieved is making it easy for the Gentiles and Jews to serve God better, he completely, yes completely, omitted the Name of his half Brother when he gave his recommendations for the Gentiles in Acts 15:13-22.  Read it for yourself and burn with zeal if you love Jesus.  From Acts 15:13-22 these are the names and titles mentioned by James:  Simon, God, David, the Lord and Moses.  The Name of Jesus, the Name given to his half Brother by God and by his mother is not there.  There is no personal acknowledgement of Jesus’ work, His words, His deeds, His sacrifice or His victory.  How things would have been different for James had he opened up and said, “My Brother said…” referring to Jesus, rather than, “Simon has described…”  If he was not ashamed of Jesus then, why didn’t he mention His Name and acknowledge His words, deeds and victory?  You see, to James the Younger, Jesus was an adopted Brother, never seen fully as a natural born Brother.  That is why in the letter of James that God permitted to be preserved for us to read and learn from (for all Scriptures correct, rebuke and teach), James comes to the truth of himself and addressed himself as:  James, a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Those he addressed as his brothers are from the Jews, the twelve tribes of Israel, not from the church.  Thus, for his sick brothers, he could only advise them to call the elders of the church to pray… in the Name of the Lord.  The irony of one who taught Gentiles not to drink blood telling Jews to be prayed for by those who have drunk the blood of Jesus for healing, God’s grace and mercy is that James was still given a task to the Jews, although he has been decreed unfit to instruct the church, for his one letter is addressed to the twelve tribes, not the churches.  Even Peter was allowed to address the church, despite his fall into hypocrisy, thanks to men from James.

Now consider the brother of James, Jude, also a half brother of Jesus, being born of Mary and Joseph, who put himself with James as he lifted up Jesus so that James might be brought closer to Jesus.  See how Jude opened his letter, elect:  Jude, a servant of Jesus Christ and a brother of James, a man who was not ashamed of his Brother even though he is aware that his Brother had been shamed, and that by God.  A man who was not ashamed of his half Brother Jesus, for his letter of one chapter of twenty-four verses contains no less than six times (once for every four verses) more than John’s second letter, more than James’ letter of course, and indeed only Paul and Peter exceeded his use of the Name of Jesus in one chapter in any of the letters.  A brother who was not ashamed of his natural born brother, James, nor of his half Brother, indeed, so much so that his entire letter gives glory to the work of Jesus and Jesus only!  Neither was he ashamed of the Holy Spirit.

As you come to see yourself in the light of the natural born Son that shows you who you should be as well, you will not be ashamed of Jesus and His words, for His words are the words the Father gave Him.  Anyone who is ashamed of the words of Jesus is in truth ashamed of the Father, and if you call yourself a child of God and yet are ashamed of God’s words, then you are a child who is ashamed of his or her Father.  When you do that, you make your Father out to be a failure, a liar, a thief, a cheat, an immoral person, an adulterer, a fornicator, lazy, wicked, cruel and merciless, characteristics that make a decent son ashamed of his father.  You rarely see children of tyrants who are decent, proudly defending their father’s work, but rather, they are apologetic of their father’s works.  Is that what your Father is? 

I knew a man once whose sister accused his father of adultery and unfaithfulness and of being the father of an illegitimate child because of reports she had heard.  But this man did not take his sister’s word and went and sought out the truth.  He found the woman and child who were the centre of the story, and when he spoke to the woman, he found that his father had cared for this widow and child without once being unfaithful to his own family.  What would that man think of his sister and his father as he watched the graciousness of his father in continuing to forebear with his sister in all grace and patience, never speaking up to defend himself less he made his daughter to be a liar?

If a mere man can do that, how much more our Father who is God?  As you searched out the rumours about our Father, our God, and as you listened to the one Son who knows Him better than any of us, you have seen the truth.  And now as you see the grace, the compassion and the gentleness of your Father as He puts up with all sorts of grievous acts committed against Him and His reputation and that of His Son, you will see why John wrote:  God is Love.

Now, how should the man deal with his sister without shaming his father and going against his will?  How indeed, elect, are you going to deal with brothers and sisters of the Lord whose words and actions bring the whole family into disrepute, is what your apprenticeship will teach you.  So that knowing the thoughts and mind of the Holy Spirit, you will learn to serve one and all and bring such glory to the Father and the Lord that once and for all, all shame is wiped away by the splendour of His coming, even the shame that will be brought by the lawless one.

As Paul was shown, so let us remind ourselves:  And the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord Jesus will overthrow with the breath of His mouth and destroy by the splendour of His coming, so let us remain alive until He returns to bear witness to this, and as we wait, apply ourselves to once again “Listen to Him!”  But now, not as believers, not as disciples, not as brothers and sisters who have been adopted, but as natural born brothers and sisters, for we do truly share the same Father from whom the Holy Spirit proceeds, for we are born again by the Spirit who declared Jesus Christ to be the Son of God by raising Him from the dead.

So listen with a freshness and a renewed mind and see what your Brother is trying to teach you, you sons and daughters of God Most High, you gods.  Amen


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