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The mindset, as people call it, or rather, the thought set, that which is your thoughts, be they from your heart or from your mind, defines what you would say and do.  For whatever your heart is full of so it will overflow unto your mouth, Jesus said, therefore, whatever the thoughts of your heart are, so it will come from your mouth, and whatever your mind is full of, so it will reflect in your actions.

When we speak of action or deeds, most people think of the actions of the hands and few realise that actions are not just with your hands, but with every muscle of the body, including your eyes, face and feet.  Thus, as the mouth reveals the thoughts of the heart, so a man’s actions, that is, his eyes, his face, his hands and his feet, reveal his mind, for the thoughts of the mind control the actions as the thoughts of the heart control the content of the speech.

So, when Paul encouraged us in Colossians 3.1-2 to set our hearts and minds on things above, what we say and what we do reveal where our thoughts are set on, that is, our ‘thought set’.  The preacher who is always preaching about Hell has his heart set on Hell, the preacher who preaches of Heaven has his heart set on Heaven, and so on, and their actions, their deeds, even their very facial expressions tell you what is on their mind.  Hence, when you put together these words of the Lord, “Consider carefully how you listen…” and “Consider carefully what you hear,” and “What I say to you, I say to everyone: ‘Watch!’” you will realise that careful attention with focus and concentration on what a person is doing and saying will reveal to you the heart and mind of the person before you even learn to hear the thoughts of another person’s heart, as Jesus can.  And you will do that too, for that is part of the promise of John 14.12.  But before that happens, you yourself must learn to control the thought setting of your heart and mind.

Now, remember which kingdom you belong to, and consider that kingdom.  If your heart and mind are set on hellfire and damnation, you belong to the Kingdom of Hell, and if your heart and mind are set on Heaven and salvation, you belong to the Kingdom of Heaven.  But if your heart and mind are set on work and glory, then yours is the Kingdom of God. 

Have you noticed Jesus said, “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven,” and “Blessed are you who are poor, for yours is the Kingdom of God”?  Those who are poor in spirit are those who have not had much opportunity to hear the word of the Lord and put it into practice, for the word of the Lord is spirit and life, and the wealth of your spirit depends on how much of the word of the Lord you have stored in you, how much you have sown and how much you have harvested.  That is, how much of it have you received in your heart and produced a crop of 30, 60, 100 fold that overflows from your mouth, (that is sowing) and how much of it you have practised so that you harvested the truth of the word you sowed.  Yes, God is into sowing and harvesting, but it is not about money. 

Wealth, as defined by poverty, its opposite is poverty of spirit and poverty of the flesh.  Those who are poor in spirit have no spiritual wealth, and spiritual wealth comes from the words of Christ, for as Jesus said, “The words I have spoken to you are spirit and they are life.”  Your spiritual wealth does not begin to exist until you have that which is truly spirit… the words of Jesus, and even if you have some words of Jesus, it does not begin to increase unless you are prepared to sow it by speaking it, and for you to speak it, your heart must be filled with it.  However, the wealth does not manifest unless there is a harvest.  And the harvest of the word comes as your testimony, that is, your practice of the word produces the result that it is truth, and your practice reveals what your mind is thinking of.  Thus, those who are poor in spirit, those disciples that is, because Jesus was addressing His disciples in Matthew 5, as it is written:  His disciples came to Him, and He began to teach them, saying:  “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven,” their poverty of spirit is because they did not receive much of the words of Jesus, nor were they able to sow much or harvest much.  Whether because of circumstances beyond their control or because of their own choice, still, theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.  That is, they will live, die and go to Heaven without too much miraculous power being experiences in their earthly life, something most Christians live through and die as a result of.  The graveyards around churches bear witness to this truth.

However, Jesus then said again to His disciples, “Blessed are you who are poor, for yours is the Kingdom of God,” the kingdom of power, righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit, and not just eating, talking or drinking, according to Paul.  Why?  Because it is the poor of this world who do not have money to buy things.  In fact, they have nothing often, not even clothes to wear, much less food to eat or a place to shelter.  When disciples are poor, yes, poor in the things of the world – and I am speaking about disciples, not believers or carnal hangers-on and observers of Jesus – when disciples are poor, then they would need to have the power of the Holy Spirit to provide the food, the shelter, the warmth and everything else.  That power, that righteousness, joy and peace in the Holy Spirit, comes only to those who are IN the Holy Spirit.  See what Paul wrote:  in the Holy Spirit, not in Jesus, but in the Holy Spirit, because the power comes from the Holy Spirit who is the Spirit of Power. 

It is when you are listening to Jesus to receive His word and working on His word in your heart, persevering with it to produce a crop, that is, to be able to speak it forth with understanding, that you will find the Holy Spirit who lives in you will put you in Him so that He can remind you and teach you of what Jesus said, and give you the power to be His witness.  It is when you put into practice the words of Jesus you have heard that the power of the Holy Spirit will manifest to confirm it so that you will see the Kingdom of God… the kingdom of power that overcomes everything on this Earth. 

You see, Jesus said, “Everyone who hears these words of Mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock.  The rain came down, the streams rose, (the torrent struck) and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock.”  But see that He said, “…is like a wise man…”  He did not say, “…is the wise man…” only, “like”.  Why?  Because anyone who earnestly puts into practice the words of Jesus they have heard unceasingly – that means, that’s what their thoughts are set on, for their thoughts determine their speech and action – will have the power to stop the rain from falling, the wind from blowing, the river from flowing and the torrent from striking so that their house would not even get wet!  For Jesus calmed the storm… the wind and rain fell, and the Jordan River was stopped for Joshua to cross even though it was in flood.  Now there are no real torrents recorded in the word as having been stopped, for the torrent of Noah’s flood did strike the ark although the ark floated above it.  For us, the present knowers of God, it is our glory that we have been given the task to stop the torrent of disasters that form these days of distress so that they will not strike where we stand.  Again, that is the truth of John 14.12.  Our practice of stopping the rain and the wind and the river flooding is just practice to stop the torrent from striking us.  For when God’s torrent of disasters strike, every other kingdom will be inundated except the Kingdom of God. 

So then, see the simple logic of Jesus’ words in their absolute profound simplicity.  If you are poor, then you will have the Kingdom of God, which is given only to those who are in the Holy Spirit, and if you are in the Holy Spirit, then you are rich in the spirit, for there is no richer spirit than the Holy Spirit.  And that is why yours is not the Kingdom of Heaven.  Isn’t it obvious?  Yours is not the Kingdom of Heaven because the Holy Spirit is here on Earth, poured upon all flesh, residing with all and residing in those Jesus has baptised Him into.  So, if you are in the Holy Spirit, you will remain where He is on Earth. 

It must be obvious to all that the Spirit may be in you, but you may not be in the Spirit, for how can anyone who does not move with the Spirit be in the Spirit?  Hence, there is a threefold relationship:  With the Spirit, the Spirit in you and you in the Spirit.  In the first instance, being with the Holy Spirit is not the choice of any man or woman, but the choice of God, for it is God’s choice that He be poured upon all flesh.  In the second instance, the Holy Spirit in you is not your choice either, for it is the choice of Jesus to baptise you with the Holy Spirit.  We do not baptise ourselves with the Holy Spirit, and we only baptise people “into the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”  Being in someone’s name is not the same as being in someone for the obvious reason… the name is not the whole person.  However, whether you are in the Holy Spirit or not is your choice.  It is up to you to step into the Holy Spirit and be with Him where He is, where He is going and all that He is without choosing what you like or dislike about Him.  It is being led by the Holy Spirit unconditionally and accepting Him unconditionally so that He is not a Guest in your house, but rather He is the Master of your house and His agenda is your only agenda.

As a simple illustration, many people say they walk and talk with Jesus and that is true… when Jesus actually walked this Earth, many people did walk and talk with Him.  The first person to talk with Jesus was John the Baptist, but John was not His disciple.  The next person was Satan who talked to Jesus in the desert.  The people who walked with Jesus included Jews who believed Him, people who needed Him, Pharisees and teachers of the law who opposed Him, disciples who betrayed and denied Him, and disciples who listened to Him.  So, just because you are with someone and talk to someone proves nothing about who you are.  So you walk and talk with Jesus, whoopee-do, so did Judas Iscariot.  Then there are some who walk in Jesus, as they say, “in Christ.”  Now, no one can walk in Christ unless Christ lets them IN, and those who walk in Jesus are His disciples.  However, when you walk in Jesus, it is you who is choosing where you want to go, just like the disciples who chose to go to Capernaum when Jesus told them to go to Bethsaida, or when they went home to hide in a room when Jesus said, “Go to Galilee.”  It is enough that at least you walk in Jesus.  However, have you come to the place where it is Jesus who walks in you?  That is, it is Jesus who takes you where you go, not you taking Jesus.  Those who are in Christ, in whom Christ walks, are those who are in the Holy Spirit, who are led by the Spirit of God, the sons, not the children, of God.

So then, what your thoughts are set on in your heart and mind determines which kingdom you belong to… and where your kingdom is, that is, where you will live.  You cannot be one who has one foot in the Kingdom of Heaven and one in the Kingdom of God, for one is poor in spirit and the other is rich beyond measure in spirit. 

So be absolutely certain which is your kingdom, for the kingdom that we pray to the Father to come on Earth, as we say, “Our Father, who is in Heaven, Hallowed be Your Name, Your kingdom come…” is the Kingdom of God, the kingdom of power, joy, peace and righteousness, and not just eating, drinking and talking.  It is the kingdom that is coming to subjugate all other kingdoms on Earth with a peace that no one can refuse.  The peace of God, not as man gives, but as Jesus gives.  It will be an absolute peace—and those who work now for the making of that peace are the sons of God, and theirs is the glory of the sons of God.  For, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God.”  So then, are you a child or a son?  Be absolutely sure, for what you think, say and do will betray or confirm who you think you are.


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