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Satan left Jesus as it is written until an opportune time.[1]  One who seeks an opportune time is one who is always watching for the opportunity, just as a thief would who commits a random set of burglaries, like most petty thieves do.  Or they are ones who after careful observation of the pattern and habits of their victims, find an opening, a time, during which their victims are off guard and unprepared so that chances of success are the greatest.  Thus, amongst thieves there are three types:  A purely opportunistic thief who walks around in search of a victim randomly, like most muggings and break and enters, as well as those who are pure planners, who select their target and after careful study and planning, attack at a time when their chances of success are the greatest.  For one, the methodology has very little precision, but a lot of improvisation, whereas the latter has a modus operandi based on precise planning and execution with little room for deviation from the original plan.  The third type are those who are both capable of precise planning as well as rapid opportunistic reaction as the situation arises in front of them.  The third type of thief is the most lethal, for they are unpredictable experts in what they do. 

The combination of expertise, finely tuned and honed with planning and practice, and the flexibility of unpredictability of one who can read and react to a situation that avails itself is rarely resistible.  Not that we are thieves, for we are not here to steal anything from anyone, but rather, we are to redeem and rescue, salvage and save those who are still trapped in Satan’s dark power.  And as Jesus said, “I will come like a thief, and you will not know at what time I will come to you.”[2]

There is no doubt that God is a meticulous Planner as all His ways are perfect, so that when this Creation was rolled out with the present Heavens and present Earth, there was already in existence a master plan from the beginning to the end.  The plan is so perfect that every possible error, hitch and unpredictability have been factored in so that individual hiccups would not change the overall result.  The availability of redundancy backup plans in God’s Creation is best exemplified when God said to Moses, “Now leave Me alone so that My anger may burn against them and that I may destroy them.  Then I will make you into a great nation.”[3]

If God destroyed Israel then, the original plan of having Abraham’s descendants through Isaac to possess the Promised Land would appear to have failed.  But yet Moses is still a descendant of Abraham through Isaac, and although it may take another 500 years to raise up another nation through Moses instead of through Israel (Jacob),[4] the promise to give Canaan to Abraham and Isaac’s descendants would still be fulfilled.  So that the destination is never changed, the objective does not change, but the means and the timing may have to be changed.  It would appear on the surface that God’s timing would be delayed, except with God, nothing is impossible, so that the answer to this question poised by God, “Can a country be born in a day or a nation be brought forth in a moment?”[5] must be yes!  So then, even if Moses had not been able to persuade God to change His mind in Exodus 32:11-13, there may not have been a delay of another 430 years, for the fulfilment of the promise to Abraham remains unfinished to this day because of that first generation of Israelites.  Perhaps if Moses had let God have His way, the Israelites who came from him may have succeeded in fully occupying the entire land, for as the Lord said, “To your descendants I give this land, from the river of Egypt to the great river, the Euphrates— the land of the Kenites, Kenizzites, Kadmonites, Hittites, Perizzites, Rephaites, Amorites, Canaanites, Girgashites and Jebusites.”[6]  The nation of Israel was meant to go from Cairo to Baghdad, yet see the part it did manage to occupy.

In the same way, just as God did not destroy Israel then and put up with the delay of His promise in fulfilment with their rebellion, so it also should tell you that there is a redundancy plan to make up for lost time so that it would be as if no time has ever been lost.

The best way to understand God’s meticulous planning is to look at a beach.  To make a perfect beach, every grain of sand must itself be perfect, so then a perfect beach happens because of the perfection of every detail.  God’s ways are perfect, which means every last detail is perfect.  The paradox of a perfect beach is that how does one grade a grain of sand to be perfect when all are individually different?  Just as all snowflakes are individually different, by what standard then is a perfect snowflake judged?  Yet a snowstorm cannot be perfect until every snowflake is perfect.  God’s way of perfection is such that each individual component is so perfect that the imperfection of the next does not remove from it its perfection.  But yet God judges perfection on individuality.  So then, in God’s plans there is no such thing as an imperfect individual component of His plan, even if they are different.  Sin may have affected the perfection of the individual, but it could not take away the individuality.  As such, the perfection of the beach remains untouched.

What destroys God’s perfection the most is not sin per say then, but rather, it is the loss of individuality.  That is why when God sent Jesus to take away the sin, Jesus never took away the individuality of a disciple, saying to Peter, “If I want him to remain alive until I return, what is that to you?  You must follow Me.”[7]  A perfection that is based on individuality, yet is adherent as a cohesive entity.

A thief who is as meticulous a planner as he is an opportunistic reactionary, which is a dynamic paradox co-existing in one unified structure, demands a command not only of time and timing, but a command of time and timing that is under girded by harmony as only God understands harmony.

This is something the church has never understood, and its failure to understand perfection, which begins with the love of one’s enemies.  The practice of which immediately leads to the awareness of the need to master conflicting dynamics in perfect unity or oneness has left the church being an inflexible structure, whose planning is neither meticulous nor whose reaction is never rapid enough to be truly opportunistically exploitive.  That is, the history of the church is one characterised by lousy planning and missed opportunities. 

Since listening to Jesus was never adhered to in all its holiness until the Holy Spirit was truly the Holy Spirit, set aside, exclusive, whom the church listened to, it never learned to be as the wind and never really understood what Jesus meant when He said to Nicodemus, “Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit gives birth to spirit.  You should not be surprised at My saying, ‘You must be born again.’  The wind blows wherever it pleases.  You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going.  So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.”[8] 

Perfect flesh requires perfect structure, that is, perfect meticulous planning.  Jesus was not deriding flesh over spirit here, because He is the Word who became Flesh!  Rather, He was introducing to Nicodemus the need to be perfectly balanced in the dynamics of the tension that exists between flesh and spirit.  Jesus is Flesh and the Holy Spirit is Spirit, yet They are One.  Flesh gives rise to flesh and Spirit to spirit.  The two appear unmixable.  You can see where the flesh comes from and where it goes, but you cannot see where the spirit comes from and where it goes.  Yet they are one, and as such move as one, so that paradoxically, the spirit can be seen and the flesh becomes as one unseen.

The listening to Jesus and the practice of His word are so that our flesh becomes one with His Flesh, permitting us to do in our flesh what He did in His Flesh; the reason He said, “Anyone who has faith in Me…”[9]  That faith being lived out not because we repent of our sins, for there was already repentance and forgiveness of sin through the Old Covenant at the Temple of Solomon, but faith that was lived out first for the Jews and then for the Gentiles by the eating of His flesh and the drinking of His blood, just as the sacrifices were eaten and their blood was sprinkled on the furnishings and people inside the temple, so His flesh and His blood were eaten by priests and sprinkled inside the new temple, the temple of the Holy Spirit.

In that act of faith for the Jew, was his acknowledgement that the old has passed away, never to come back, for the Temple of Solomon and the Ark of the Covenant were forever gone and the new had come to take its place.  And for Gentiles it was that God had opened the way for them to also come in and be His family, reconciling the two into one, Jew and Gentile, so that there was no longer any difference, sinners all saved by grace through faith and not by works.

And in eating His flesh and drinking His blood, that person remains in Jesus and Jesus in him, the two flesh had become one, so that we can do in the flesh all that He does in the Flesh, including being able to see where the Spirit of God is coming from and where He is going, and to follow Him as Jesus followed Him and was led by Him.[10]

The constant repetitive listening and the practice of Jesus’ words as the Spirit reminded and taught us were to then lay upon us, as a builder builds brick by brick, a foundation, a building, precept by precept, decree by decree, command by command, law by law, practice by practice, until there came flesh that is as meticulously put together as His, so that it is as perfect as His, a flesh that was not only in theory perfect by faith, but could manifest that perfection in deeds as the power of God would flow through it without any hindrance or resistance from sin or imperfection.  A perfection that would be renewed, maintained and increased by even more listening and practising of His words, that which Jesus said whilst He was with the eleven, and that which He left unsaid for the Holy Spirit to tell them, both the written and the unwritten, the translated and the untranslated.  So that indeed, those who had faith in Him would not only have the words and the practice of the words given Him by the Father, but would also have the words given by the Holy Spirit, allowing them to inevitably be able to do the more than He did as living proof that He is at the Father’s right hand.  Not only then would we be able to ask for anything in His Name and He will do it,[11] but whatever we wish and will would also be done because we abide in Him.[12]  Again another incredible paradox:  The perfect will and wish of God in Jesus’ Name, and the imperfect will and wish of men, both done without conflict, without deriding or diminishing that which is God’s, and without obliterating that which is men’s.  Perfection and imperfection in simultaneous orchestrated manifestation to display what is contained in what He showed Zechariah concerning the crown and the priest when He said, “And He will be a Priest on His throne.  And there will be harmony between the two.”[13] 

For there can be no co-existence between a priesthood and a kingship in the natural realm, for one has to do with the issuing of laws, commands and decrees, which lead to the generation of sin through disobedience, and the other is the practice of set rules and laws that lead to the forgiveness of sins.  One generates sin and the other annuls sin; the co-existence of the two in one is not possible without harmony.

Thus, the unceasing practice of His listened to word by anyone causes the manifestation and revelation of the meticulous planning of God in all its precision of detail and timing.  Out of this is created or birthed a creature that is able to move like the wind, that is, to be as flexible, as unpredictable and as opportunistic as the wind, against which can be no restraint.  For no house can keep the wind out or stop the wind moving forward.  It merely goes around and into every crack it finds, that is, every opportunity it finds.  The availability of individuals and whole companies, that is, fellowships and churches in which the meticulous is manifested, allows the Holy Spirit to then take advantage of every opportunity offered instantly, perfectly. 

The availability of bold and perfect faith in the woman with the issue of blood allowed the Holy Spirit to move before even the Flesh of Jesus knew it, and even then, for a moment, the Flesh did not know where the Spirit had gone, for the Flesh asked, “Who touched Me?Someone touched Me; I know that power has gone out from Me.”[14]  The woman saw the opportunity, the crowd pressing in on Jesus would give her camouflage so that she would not be recognised by those who knew her to be the woman with the issue of blood for many years, and even if they did, they would be unable to do anything about it.  So she moved up behind Jesus like a thief, like a petty mugger coming up behind his victim, and she used the crowd like a pick pocket and touched the hem of His garment.  Faith in Christ, yes, but opportunistic as well, just what the Holy Spirit looks for, and so He moved.  For the Holy Spirit too has faith in Christ, perfect faith, but He is opportunistic, He is unpredictable.  He can turn in an instant like the wind, and though you may discern His coming, you cannot discern where He is really going if He avoids the clouds and trees and just moves through the air.

As the elect, you too must learn to be as opportunistic as you are faithful, and not only that, but learn to create the opportunity for the Lord to act on.

In the days ahead, the battle plan is made plain not only to us, but by the will of God to Satan as well, for he knows what is written as well, if not far better than anyone else.  You can be certain that Satan is more faithful and practised in the knowledge of Scriptures than any of us, especially if you cannot be helped by the Holy Spirit’s prompting because you do not recognise His voice.  As he did with Jesus, Satan always tempts every ministry with position, authority and splendour, all backed up by Scripture.  You see, he said to Jesus, “If You are the Son of God…” position, “I will give You all their authority and splendour…”[15] all backed up with a quotation of Psalm 91:11-12.

Satan loves the Psalms and Proverbs because there are mostly men and very little of God in them.  And with anyone who loves the Psalms and Proverbs, but does not listen to the One who fulfilled the Law and the Prophets, he will then be able to use those words through that person.  Satan can never bring to your remembrance a word that has come from the mouth of God directly, for then he is no longer the father of all lies, for then he would be speaking the word of the Truth.  However, having flattered you with position, authority and splendour, your ignorance of the covenant you are under will cause you to use the Law and the Prophets in ways they were never intended for.  And so you see those who minister saying, “Jesus is the Christ,” but yet adhere to and practise a strict partial observance of the Law and the Prophets.  The extent of their confession becomes all the more clear as the Light Himself fills you with His Light, which shines only on Him and to Him, to show the world who the Word who became Flesh is.

As such, Satan knows already the Gospel must be completed in its preaching to all nations,[16] so he raises up more nations.  Just see how many new countries have joined the UN since its inception – 51 at its founding on 24th October 1945 to 159 forty years later in 1985, to its current 192, which is an increase of 141 in 60 years.  Every time a new nation is formed, the clock is set back again.  The people may have heard the Gospel, but the new nation has not.  Furthermore, it is not just the preaching to all nations, here is the really bad news:  Jesus said, “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations…”[17]  Removal of discipleship from the church and replacing it with fellowship was certainly a most effective way to ensure that our obedience remained incomplete, and being incomplete, no punishment can be handed out.

So, understand this:  To be as cunning as a serpent, we must be as opportunistic as he is, if not more, but to be as harmless as a dove, we must be as faithful as the Holy Spirit who came upon Jesus in the form of a dove at His baptism.  Again another paradox:  The serpent’s cunning and the Dove’s holiness in one Person at the same time.

It is our ignorance of the Scriptures and the power of God that has caused the delay, and it is the church’s fault that so much hurt, pain and disaster have come upon this world, not Satan’s fault.  Had we done our job as well as Satan has been doing his, Jesus would have been back two millenniums ago.

However, being a perfect opportunist is to be able to use every unexpected turn of event, good or bad, for greater and better results than the original forecast or plan, so that the objective is achieved but the yield is greater.  Lazarus’ sickness was Jesus’ opportunity to reveal something totally new about Himself and to gain greater glory for God.  So likewise now, for those who have learnt to do the things that Jesus has been doing, the opportunity to do even the greater things is here.  Can you seize the day?

If we engage the battle of the last days in rigid formation according to all that has been taught, written and practised, Satan will win because he has long out read us, out practised us, and has developed counter measures to every move that is written.  The proof of that is 2000 years of history, church history; every single new move of God has failed to bring Jesus back and became encased in fixed denominational tombs like fortresses that can be avoided, seized and out manoeuvred. 

But without the discipline that comes from meticulous study and practice, we cannot achieve the perfect foundation from which innovations can be launched.  Innovations that may be new, unheard of before, unwritten because they are the new and greater things that God is now doing and showing, but innovations that never depreciate its foundation nor deviate from the final purpose to have the Capstone firmly placed on the whole work.  Innovations that are possible without breaking the word of Christ or Scripture because in Scripture there are places and passages where the limitations of the word and the flesh are removed, and the Spirit can move like the wind going where He wishes and coming from places that no one knows to places also just as unknown.

There may be a limit on the number of written words so that no more can be added, but there is also a limit even on the things Jesus had done whilst He was on Earth, even if most of them were not written down.  And though John wrote:  Jesus did many other things as well.  If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written,[18] as true as that is, it is nevertheless a limited number.

But John the Baptist said, “For the One whom God has sent speaks the words of God, for God gives the Spirit without limit.”[19]  There is no limit to how much of the Holy Spirit you can receive and that is no limit on the Holy Spirit.  He is given without limit to those who speak the word of God, and anyone who speaks the words he or she has heard from Jesus and practises them is like one who speaks the word of God, for Jesus is the Word of God.  So you, the elect, have been given the Spirit without limit, meaning, there is no limit to what the Spirit can do with you, how long He lives with you and in you, or how He lives with you.   No limit to what He can remind you of what Jesus said, and no limit to what He can teach you, testify with you and to you of Jesus, or convict you and what He can tell you, and what He can make known to you, and how much power He can give you – NO LIMIT – if you are one who being sent by God, speaks the words of God and not of man, especially men like James.

James is the classic example, by the way, of how the devil succeeds in his temptation.  He gave James a position, son of David in the flesh, and when James stood up to speak, others listened, that is, the authority, and he manufactured this authority saying, “It is my judgement…”[20]  And backed it all up with a Scripture that came from God’s mouth that appealed to the Jews’ desire to see Israel restored,[21] but had nothing to do with the raising up of the Kingdom of God on Earth for His Son to inherit and reign in.

The Spirit is given without limit, and the permission to do things without limit is also given in John 14:12:  “and greater things than these…” as well as the permission and ability to add, yes, add to the Lord’s perfect plan, is given in John 15:7.  Things that no one knows of because they have not been written down yet, nor spoken of yet, nor even thought of yet!  The enemy knows our battle plan by the book, but he has no idea what the innovations are.  We only need to see the opportunities as they permit themselves and strike like a thief in the night!

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