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“…but you have saved the best till now,” said the toast master to the bridegroom as he drank the water from the jars that had been turned to good wine by Jesus —not by His touch, not by His word, but by His thoughts.  So likewise, elect, the best has been saved for last, and that which was always made evident in the beginning is now made evident in the end, for He is the Alpha and the Omega, and even when He says, “The last will be first, and the first will be last,” He is speaking of the quality and sameness of the First and the Last.  That which God used to begin this age will now be used to close this age.

As the first sign at Cana drew this comment from a man, so now the final sign will draw this cry from men, “You have saved the best for last.”  And we are the servants who will dispense that which God has in mind, like the servants at the wedding feast dispensed the wine that came from the water.

Just as in the beginning the Lord God Almighty hovered and brooded over the waters by His Spirit before He spoke, and then after six days of speaking, put His hands to the soil and brought forth His image out of the dirt, Adam, so now in the end will be a period of time of much thought with the Spirit of God hovering over the waters followed by a period of words spoken culminating with God once more touching the Earth to reveal the exact representation of Himself in the Son of Man, Jesus Christ, the last Adam.

God began this whole Creation, Genesis, with a period of thought as His Spirit hovered over the waters, then separating six days speaking out that which He had in mind, and so the visible Creation was formed.  When everything was formed out of His words, He then stretched out His hands and formed the man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.  The process of what and how God brought Creation into its fullness so that He could have His Sabbath rest was thought, word and touch.  In the Gospel of John is repeated the same sequence in the display of His power and glory.  At the first sign, the changing of the water to good wine, there was no word spoken or command as to what He had in mind, but rather, instruction that revealed what He had in mind to do, saying, “Fill the jars with water.  Now draw some out and take it to the master of the banquet.”  Those servants did what He said, not knowing what He had in mind.  Was He telling them to serve unclean water to the toast master to humiliate the bridegroom for running out of wine prematurely?  That is what it would appear to be.  No one knew what He was thinking.

The second sign, which is in John 4:43-54, as John wrote:  This was the second miraculous sign that Jesus performed, having come from Judea to Galilee, was the healing of the official’s son when Jesus said, “You may go.  Your son will live.”  And the man took Jesus at His word and departed.  And in the sixth sign, not the last, but the sixth sign as in the sixth day, Jesus put His hand on the dirt He had spat on and made some mud and placed it on the eyes of the man born blind.  In the final sign, the raising of Lazarus, the seventh in John’s gospel, Jesus destroyed the effect of death even after the flesh had begun to stink, a sign for the coming destruction of death and the resurrection of His own body that would come.

And God, who is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, has made you witnesses and participants of His plans for these final hours of the age of Adam and the age of the church.  As the final preparations are made for the arrival of Christ Jesus, the Son of Man, God has reactivated the power of His kingdom, reversing the sequence He first used so that the disciples He has given Jesus can be taught, trained and educated in the power of God.  Perfection demands the elimination of error since Jesus has said that our errors come because we do not know the Scriptures or the power of God.  Without knowledge there can be no wisdom and understanding, and without these three, there can be no effective innovations.  Faith alone can save a person and heal a person, but faith without knowledge is like a blind man who cannot see.  He must constantly hope that which was still is as he navigates around the world.  It is the hope of sameness that allows a blind man to live, and any change in his world would cause him to stumble and fall unless another person who can see instructs him of the change.  Likewise, so is faith based on the sameness of God that He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. 

However, the knowledge of God that leads to wisdom and understanding allows for the new things in God to be brought forth.  Thus, those who hold onto faith in God alone never go beyond a constant confession of their hope of salvation by God.  But those who have listened to Jesus and realise that now this is eternal life that they are to come to know God and Jesus Christ whom He has sent, adds to their faith knowledge, and to that knowledge wisdom and understanding, as they put into practice what they have heard that they may see the manifestation of the word they heard, and come to taste of the goodness of that word with their lives that they may become true witnesses of the word.

Hence, you are witnesses that God commanded you to read, highlight, write and speak out all of His words in the Bible over and over again, until you now know the Scriptures.  Then He released to us a measure of miraculous power that came out of our hands, so that signs and wonders accompanied us as we stretched forth our hands and laid hands on the sick, and we saw the blind receive sight, the lame walk and men frozen where they stood.  The constancy of your practice of the power made some of you eligible to be brought into the education that began to open up for you not a faith in the power of God, not a witness of the power of God, but a working knowledge of the power of God wherein you began to see that the power of God had its own diverse spectrum, each of which requires its own teaching, training and education.

And it pleased the Holy Spirit to make known to us that which belongs to God for His glory, so that in the word, abundance of revelations flowed in ever increasing heights and depths, and in the power you are witnesses of things few Christians have seen, much less heard of.  Now, as Amos wrote, surely the Sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing His plan to His servants the prophets.  So you are to discover how much more the Sovereign Lord will reveal to His own sons and daughters of His plans and how much of those plans will He allow His sons and daughters to participate in and innovate them so that they may share in the glory of the Father.

Having allowed us to experience the power that comes out of our outstretched hands and the power of our spoken word, now to those who have applied themselves to the teaching, training and education, will be given the privilege of experiencing the power of thought.  So that indeed, you will be the true image of God, not just in appearance, but in word, deed and thought, so much so that even the power that flows out of you will flow like it does out of Him, by thought, word and deed, the most powerful of which is thought.

For as anyone knows, the power of action and deed is repetitive, and although the more you do, the better you get, there comes a place where the more you do no longer gives you further improvement.  Men call this the ‘law of diminishing returns’.  Doing the same thing over and over again does not produce innovation.  It may be good in the beginning, but repetition of action leads to ritual, and ritual leads to boredom and disinterest, which never gives birth to innovations.

Likewise, with the power of word, the word may endure like the words of Jesus, which will endure even when this present Heaven and Earth disappear, but the word does not change, and so though it endures forever, its increase is repetitively limited to 30, 60, 100 fold, almost linear.

However, it is the power of thought that truly knows no bounds, for all innovations, all new words and deeds are born out of a new thought, and a single new thought can birth many more new words and deeds, giving them a new lease on their very application and existence.  It is through thought that new creations are brought forth by words and deeds, and it is through thought that this Creation will be brought back to what was said and what should have been done.  The immensity of the power of thought, not just thought in the philosophical or intellectual sense, but thought as a form of power as touch and word are forms of power, is such that there is truly no limit to this power, for it has no boundaries.

Unlike the word, which is governed by what is written or spoken, and unlike action, thought is not limited by fatigue and repetitiveness.  Truly, the power of thought is like the wind; where it goes nobody knows although you know where it comes from.  And the pan ultimate source of the Holy Spirit’s power is that He knows the thoughts of God so that He alone can anticipate the deeds of God and understand the motive of the words of God.  Only a person who fully knows and understands another’s thinking and thoughts can effectively oppose the person every time.  Since Satan may be “full of wisdom,” hence knowledge, but he has no understanding, and true understanding of God comes only when you are privileged to what He is thinking, thus there is no way, and there never was any way, for Satan to ever fulfil his ambition unless God permits him.

Thus the tokens, yes, tokens or deposits, of the witnesses to the power of deed and word of the Lord that you have are guarantees of the Hope of Glory that is coming and even now is here.  So that you may believe and know the greatness of the power of God lays in His thoughts, and like Him, you too will begin to experience the power of your thoughts as you take captive every thought and make them obedient to Christ, and once your obedience is complete, the promise begins to unfold.  For it is not deeds that give rise to innovations, nor fine speeches, but all innovations begin with a thought.

Understand now and know forever that all these marvellous revelations and manifestations are merely a means to an end.  The end of which is so that you may become truly sons and daughters of God as eternity unfolds.  Sons and daughters of God who are truly gods in their own right, just like their Father and the Firstborn, Jesus Christ. 

So beware, and do not stop your journey and bow down to worship the power rather than the Giver of the power.  Do not worship the plan, but worship the Planner.  Do not worship the creation, but worship the Creator.  Hold most precious to you not your titles or positions as lords and kings, but the privilege to be a son or daughter of the Most High God.  For even as the grand finale of this age reaches its highest crescendo with the arrival of Christ Jesus, the Son of Man, on the clouds of Heaven with all the glory of God, the angels of God and His elect, remember, it is all about the love of a Father for His Son and the love of a Son for His Father.  For without that love of family, for God is Family, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, nothing else counts, not even all the power of the universe.

So, as you experience and taste the power of thought, direct your thinking then to that of a son who loves and obeys the Father as a member of a Family who loves your fellow members always, having in your mind plans and thoughts that are for their good and not for evil.  Plans and thoughts that give all a hope and a future that they may be able to call upon the Lord and seek Him with all their heart, so that His promise to His people can be fulfilled.  “I will be found by you,” declares the Lord, “and will bring you back from captivity.”  

Prepare yourselves elect—complete your mastery of the word and the deeds with unceasing practice, for your apprenticeship with the Lord begins when you understand this question:  “What do you see?”  Amen


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