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To the elect of the Holy Spirit gathered from the four ends of the Earth, the truth is this:

What Noah was thinking about the world he was living in has always been obvious.  Noah’s thoughts of the world agreed with God’s judgement of the world, for if Noah did not agree with God, he would never have completed the ark.  If Noah had doubts about God’s judgement on his world, he would have stopped halfway.  Perhaps he did, and then restarted it again.  The completion of Noah’s ark testifies to the truth that Noah agreed with God’s judgment of his world, and that agreement revealed by the completion of the ark tells us what Noah was thinking, at least concerning the world he lived in.  What else he thought remains his private business, whether he ever thought he was mad, whether he thought he was mistaken and whether he had doubts about the reality of what he had heard, we do not know.  But yet we do know, for Noah is a man like us, and whatever we think within us about our election, our ability to complete this work, the reality and even the sanity of what we believe and know were also in Noah.

The fact that these things are not mentioned about Noah is because they do not need to be mentioned.  They are common to all men, to Noah and to you and me.  The Bible tells us that Noah completed the ark and did everything that God told him to reveal to us the most important aspect of Noah’s thoughts, his agreement with God’s judgement.

So then, elect, it does not matter what you think about yourself, whether you are up to the task, whether you are ready, whether you can complete the task, whether this is real or insanity, or whether you have doubts, for these are thoughts common to all men, and such thoughts are not holy to the elect, that is, they do not set the elect apart.  The thought that sets you apart is the agreement within you with God’s judgement upon the world we live in and the evidence of that thought lies in your willingness to lay down your life for the completion of all that is needed to usher in the return and arrival of Jesus Christ, the Son of Man, in glory.

What you think about Jesus’ prophecy of these end times, of the increase of wars, famines, earthquakes and pestilence, of the increase of evil and the distress unequalled since the foundation of the world will be reflected in your words and actions, your very life.  Those who do not give the warnings of Jesus a thought will be those who will be eating and drinking, buying and selling, marrying and being given in marriage right to the end.  Those who have heeded the warnings but do not know God’s plans for these times, will be making plans of their own to ensure they are safely raptured away before the ‘Great Tribulation’ comes, as they call it, or seconding themselves into caves and shelters with food and water to wait out the great tribulation. 

But those who know and understand God will realise that the prophesied end times will allow God to exercise “kindness, justice and righteousness on Earth.”  Kindness, as those who do evil and perpetrate oppression on others are harvested from the Kingdom of Christ by the holy angels, and those who love to do evil and wickedness are also exposed and convicted, even killed for what they are, so that the innocent, the meek, may be protected from them once and for all.  Justice, because men will be revealed for what they are as the evil and distress increase, for men will be given the opportunity to help one another or ignore those in need.  Their deeds revealing their very heart and soul, so that when Jesus arrives, He can assign them to the eternal fire with Satan and his angels.  Righteousness because it is right for God to reveal and expose the evil in all men that men might repent in truth or be condemned in truth.

As such, like Noah, if your thoughts are in agreement with God’s thoughts concerning the state of our world, you would obey everything God has told you to do just like Noah did.  You would listen and practise everything Jesus ever said, everything, just as Noah built the ark until everything, every nail, every plank, everything, was in place.  In obeying everything God has told you to do, you listen to Jesus and practise all His words unceasingly, just like Noah building that ark plank by plank until likewise it is all done.  Doing it and building it with a sense of urgency that you do not want to keep God waiting any longer.

But unlike Noah, you are not alone.  You are not the only person who has been given the words of Jesus to fulfil, but there are your fellow humans, and above all else, the one Person who truly knows God, the Holy Spirit.  You see, He is the true Knower of our time, for it is to Him that the task of reminding and teaching us about what Jesus said and growing us to be sons of God has been given.  To Him and Him alone has Jesus commanded the churches to hear, and so we are really only His helpers and not the other way around.

It is not the Holy Spirit who is our Helper, nor is He the Helper, Counsellor and Comforter of the disciples of Jesus, but those He has set aside for His work, like Paul and Barnabas, are in truth His helpers, His workers and His servants.  As He said to the church in Antioch, “Set apart for Me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them,” so now likewise He has set apart His elect for the work to which He has called you.

That work is to testify to the truth about Jesus His way.  That work is to raise up churches that practise the words of Jesus His way.  That work is to raise up a church for Jesus Christ that reflects what the Holy Spirit has in mind for Jesus, a church that the Holy Spirit thinks Jesus deserves to have waiting for Him, to greet Him on His arrival above Jerusalem.

But unless you know what Jesus has said and you have practised what He has said, how can the Holy Spirit elect you to then fulfil what Jesus said and practise what Jesus said His way?

What I mean is this:  Unless you are already a cook then how can the owner of a new restaurant hire you to work in his kitchen to produce the food that he has in mind for his customers?  A head chef does not employ a plumber to be his assistant.  Likewise, if you are ignorant of the words of Jesus and have not practised the words of Jesus, how can the Holy Spirit set you apart for use?  It is when you are trained and educated in the basics that you can appreciate what the Master is teaching you and telling you to do when it comes to His demands.

And for those of you who have abided in Him and have His words abide in you enough to know, yes, know, that whatever you wish and whatever you will will be done for you.  So now it is also time for you to appreciate that it is the Holy Spirit who has always abided in Jesus and in Him the words of Jesus always abide, so that whatever the Holy Spirit wills and wishes is done for Him as well. 

However, herein lays the problem, elect.  Jesus said, “He will not speak on His own; He will speak only what He hears…”  That means the Holy Spirit will not directly tell us what He has in mind.  You see, He never told Barnabas and Paul what He had in mind, but sent them on their way.  The two of them, sent on their way by the Holy Spirit, went down to Seleucia and sailed from there to Cyprus.  When they arrived at Salamis, they proclaimed the word of God in the Jewish synagogues.  John was with them as their helper until Perga in Pamphylia, where John left them to return to Jerusalem.  And throughout Acts 13-14, Paul and Barnabas were preaching the word of the Lord, establishing churches amongst the Gentiles as they reported back at Antioch.  On arriving there, they gathered the church together and reported all that God had done through them and how He had opened the door of faith to the Gentiles.

On the surface, it seemed and appeared to be normal work, as commended by Jesus, “Go… preach the Good News to all creation…”  There is no mention of anything of the work they were doing that the Lord Jesus had not already commanded His disciples, so that the work that the Holy Spirit set them aside for is not recorded, not told and not revealed.  Why?  Because He does not speak on His own.  Yes, He set Paul and Barnabas aside for His work, so much so that the apostle John was only allowed to remain and help them in Salamis and Paphos, and left them in Perga to return to Jerusalem. 

Even John was not permitted to accompany them the rest of the way.  Why?  John helped them in Paphos because in setting up the church, John had done it before Paul and Barnabas when he left Jerusalem to go to Samaria with Peter, to help Philip amongst the Samaritans.  But you see, John belonged to the eleven, but Barnabas and Saul did not.

So what was the work the Holy Spirit had in mind for Saul and Barnabas?  When they proclaimed the word of God in the synagogue at Salamis and throughout Paphos, they encountered no Jewish opposition.  But after John left them at Pisidian Antioch, the message of Paul and Barnabas began to arouse jealousy from the Jews and they were persecuted by Jews at every city they preached.

See what happened?  When John was helping them in Salamis and all of Paphos, there was no Jewish opposition.  When John left them, their message kept offending the Jews, so that in Pisidian Antioch, Iconium, Lystra and Derbe, the churches that were set up were made of disciples and believers who were not welcome in synagogues.  Whereas at the same time in Jerusalem, the church was still embracing the temple, that is, the main synagogue, as a place to go to pray, to worship and to meet.

So, what was the work the Holy Spirit had Saul and Barnabas do?  See that Saul and Barnabas were merely doing what Jesus commanded His disciples to do, but in so doing, they set up a group of churches that were not welcomed by the Jews into their synagogues.  The Holy Spirit established a setting apart of the church from the synagogue, revealing to us what God had in mind in the first place, that the church would be made up of disciples and believers who had come out of the synagogues and were joined by Gentile believers who had come into the church.  Can you see it?  There was a coming out of the old and a coming in of the new.  Through Paul and Barnabas, was established a group of churches where Moses would not be read as much as Jesus would be preached, in the hope that the church that the Father and Son had in mind would be manifested where the new wine would not be mixed with the old.

In the first century was waged a spiritual war as Satan threw into the field of Christ his three seeds, the Nicolaitans, the Balaamites and the Jezebelians.  Because his earlier three, the Herodians, Pharisees and Sadducees, had been rendered useless with Herod eaten by worms, and Saul the Pharisee of Pharisees converted by Jesus personally.  And without the Herodians and Pharisees, the Sadducees were useless.  These three yeasts, yeasts that Jesus did not warn the eleven about, the yeasts of the Nicolaitans, Balaamites and Jezebelians, so infested the churches that seven were found that Jesus would write a letter to personally.  Understand the seven letters to the seven churches are not apostolic letters like an epistle, but are gospels, for they are the personal words of Jesus.  And to these seven that were fighting or infiltrated by the three new yeasts, the Lord gave this specific instruction:  “He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.”

The cleaning of the yeasts would come by the words of Jesus that the Holy Spirit would start reminding and teaching the churches, for that is what He does.  And by telling them what is yet to come, they were to be prepared for the preparation of the world for the return of Jesus after the three yeasts were removed.  That is fine and well.  If any of these churches could recognise the voice of the Holy Spirit, they would have no trouble hearing the Holy Spirit speaking to them as He did to Philip and to the church in Antioch.  However, elect, here we encounter the problem.  Even if you recognise the voice of the Holy Spirit, He can only tell you what He has heard, what is yet to come and what Jesus said and taught, but He cannot tell you what He has in mind because He does not speak on His own!

So, how will you, the elect, come to know what the Holy Spirit has in mind?  How do you come to know the thoughts of the only true Knower of God, He who knows both the Father and Son fully, if He does not speak on His own?  So then, see and understand the pattern, like Saul and Barnabas, you are set aside for His work, but see that the work done for all to see is the work appointed by Jesus.

Likewise, the work of the Holy Spirit’s workshop is to continue and finish the work appointed by Jesus, all that He commanded us, with the Holy Spirit reminding us, teaching us and so on, working so closely with the Holy Spirit as He helps us finish the work appointed by Jesus, that one and ones amongst you come to that place where you hear not only the voice of the Holy Spirit and recognise it, but you would be able to hear and read the very thoughts of the Holy Spirit and recognise them.  So that without the Holy Spirit having to say it, you will know what He has in mind and knowing that, you will do what Jesus commanded in the way the Holy Spirit has in mind to be done!

So the work that will continue in ever increasing proportions is all that you have been doing, but it is in the midst of this that you will realise that when Jesus said, “I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in Me will do what I have been doing.  He will do even greater things than these…” it means that you will be reading the thoughts of others like He did, but you will have the wisdom not to waste that ability on the thoughts of men, but use it to read and come to know the thoughts of the Knower of God, that you may put them into application!  Amen



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