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Between 2010 and 2013 eight terminal cancer patients were brought to members of the Sydney workshop for ministry.  Unfortunately five of them died despite intense ministry by members of the team.


  1. A Chinese lady with advanced lung cancer.
  2. An Australian man with advanced lung cancer.
  3. A 10 year old Chinese boy with brain tumour.
  4. A Chinese man with liver cancer.
  5. An Australian woman with lung cancer.


  1. A 22 year old female with lymphoma had her 14x10x8 cm chest mass completely healed, confirmed with a PET scan in 2011.  Download the medical report [pdf file]
  2. An 82 year old Chinese male with prostrate cancer had his PSA reduced to 0.001 from 8.4 eight months after he was declared to be for palliative care only.  Download the medical report [pdf file]
  3. A Peruvian overseas student was told that his father had terminal lung cancer with metastasis and was given one month to live.  Using the son to stand in his father’s place, the team was able to bring the cancer to remission, an event confirmed by the treating doctors in Peru with certification. Download the medical report [pdf file]

As we can see, we still have a way to go.  The remission rate achieved is only 37.5%.  Although this is an improvement on the remission rate from 1990 to 2009 where only 3 out of 40 terminal cancer (7.5%) patients were retrieved, there is still much room for improvement.


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