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Another Disciple

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Simon Peter and another disciple were following Jesus. [John 18.15]   We do not know who the other disciple is even from the Testimony, but we may speculate that it was John as he tended to describe himself as ‘the disciple’ or ‘this disciple’ in the gospel.  We know what Peter did, but we know very little what the other disciple did.  What indeed did the other disciple who was known to the high priest do?

We know from John 18 that the other disciple went into the courtyard and then came back out to vouch for Peter to let him in by speaking to the girl on duty there and brought Peter in. [John 18.15]  Since he was known to the high priest, the high priest may have recognised him and knew that he was there observing all that went on.

So, what was this disciple witness to?  He was witness to the trial of Jesus, the conversation, the concocted evidence, the striking of Jesus as well as the denial of Jesus by Peter.  Peter’s denial of Jesus probably happened right in front of him as it was the girl at the door who challenged Peter first and Peter replied, “I am not.” [John 18.17]

So, what did this other disciple do after Peter left?  He remained the one witness of Jesus in a courtyard where everyone else was lying about Him and looking for some way to accuse Him and murder Him.  He was not challenged as to whether he is a disciple, for they knew him to be a disciple.  They did not call him to testify, for they knew what he would say… he is a disciple.  But he was there watching and listening to all they were doing and saying, observing the words that Jesus had told him come to pass before his very eyes.  Jesus was handed over, betrayed, spat upon, flogged and punched just as He had told him.  He knew that it was not his place to stop them, but rather, it was his place to bear witness to the truth, that is, the words of Jesus.

Would they have listened had he spoken up?  They were not listening to the Lord, so why would they listen to him?  Unlike Peter whom no one knew to be a disciple but only suspected, he did not have to confirm to anyone his status.

So, it is likewise for an elect.  We need not declare ourselves as to who and what we are, for the devil and all his kingdom already know.  Just like the other disciple was known to the high priest who was going to frame Jesus and murder Him, so too we are known to Satan and his entire kingdom.  For we are not preaching the gospel so that souls are saved for Heaven when they die and the church is perpetuated on Earth, but we are preaching the gospel so that the end can come.

And what does that mean to Satan?  It means that the end can come for him… the end of his days roaming the Earth and perpetrating his evil on mankind.  It is the end of days for Satan when the gospel is finished in its preaching.  We do not need to let him know who we are, nor do we need to let his people know who we are… they already know.

It is disciples like Peter that the world do not know if they are disciples, for they have a faith in Jesus, but they are not working to bring Him back.  Had Peter stood at the door and told the girl at the door that he was one of the Lord’s disciple, she would not have had to ask him if he was a disciple.

As such, anyone of us who remains focused on bringing Jesus back is known to Satan and his kingdom… and like the other disciple, it is merely our presence that is sufficient to allow the word of the Lord to manifest just as He said it would.  Whereas the silence and inaction of the disciple was what was needed for the Lord’s word to be fulfilled… now it is not silence and inaction that is needed from us to have the Lord’s word fulfilled.  Rather, it is our confession and our action that will see the Lord’s word fulfilled.

The Lord said, “Each day has enough trouble of its own,” [Matthew 6.34] when He was teaching us, His disciples.  When our problems come from times of testing and from the desire of other things, even wealth, we are unfruitful and we might as well join Peter outside and weep bitterly with him.  But if we will make our problems for each day the problem of being a witness for Jesus’ words in our times as the other disciple did, then we, like the other disciple, will not have to weep bitterly, but will see the truth of His words being fulfilled before our very eyes.

In his time, it was silence and inaction that was demanded from the other disciple to see the Lord’s word fulfilled.  Now in our days, it is a shout and an action that is demanded from us so that the Lord’s word for us will be fulfilled.  For the promise to the other disciple was that the Lord would be handed over to be persecuted.  For us, the promise is that we will see Him arrive.

So, stand fast in the Lord with what you have been given and shout it aloud.  There is no point hiding what we are, for the devil knows what we are and so does his kingdom… and yes, we are his worst nightmare come true.  Finally, disciples who work to bring Jesus back so that the end of days will come for all satans.

Hr. Ed, manager of the Holy Spirit’s Workshop

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