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If NASA was to launch a space probe and the data for the trajectory was inaccurate, their rocket would never get to the target.  Likewise, when we are inaccurate in our knowledge and application of the will of Jesus, we will never get to where we are supposed to be.  All you have to do is take the infamous incident of the twelve choosing to go to Capernaum instead of Bethsaida, which was where Jesus told them to go, and look at where they ended up – Gennesaret.  For those who are not familiar with the Sea of Galilee, Bethsaida is at the northeast corner of the sea, Capernaum is more or less directly to the west along its northern shore, and Gennesaret is to the east of Bethsaida.  They were meant to go to the northeast corner of the Sea, but they ended up at the northwest corner.

Ignoring the will of Jesus got them to Gennesaret, miles off course.  Now, realise how far off course we are 2,000 Gregorian years later because we have not only ignored the will of Jesus, but have replaced His will with the will of men.

When we, who profess to be the servants of Jesus, begin to speak about His will inaccurately and apply His will inaccurately, we are lying.  We are sowing inaccuracy and so we reap inaccuracy, which means we never get what we thought we should get.  I use the word ‘inaccuracy’ when in truth an inaccuracy is a lie.  Paul wrote:  A man reaps what he sows. [Galatians 6.7]  And many a preacher have used this to encourage the people to sow money to support their ministries.  The Lord Himself never sowed money; He sowed His words, His miracles and His life.  As such, we who sow in His Name can expect first a reaping of the words we sow in His Name.  If we have sown inaccuracy, then we can be assured of a harvest of inaccurate words.  What does it mean to have a harvest of inaccurate words?  Inaccurate words are not necessarily lies, just inaccurate data, information and knowledge given to us by well meaning people who have no intention of lying to us, but because we have sown inaccuracy, we can only reap inaccuracy.

Take the preacher who prophesied that the world would come to an end on the 21st of October 2011.  He preached inaccurately when he taught that he was able to calculate the date from his studies, when Jesus had already said, “No one knows about that day or the hour.” [Matthew 24.36; Mark 13.32]  And so he reaped inaccuracy from his own words and have been proved a false prophet.

Being inaccurate with the words of Jesus is so easy that we can all do it.  I have done it and continue to do so here and there when I misquote His word from His will.  So, what then?  Repent, my friends, repent, which is the one thing the twelve did not do when Jesus stepped into the boat that night.  That was why they ended up in Gennesaret.  Repent, for that was what they did not do when Jesus stepped into the room that first evening after His resurrection.  Repent, because that is what they did not do when they sat down to have breakfast with Jesus on the shore when they knew they should not have been there fishing.

Now that the Testimony of the Holy Spirit has been made known to us – the time sequence of the events of the four gospels – many of our own inaccuracies are made known.  What to do?  Repent so that we stop harvesting inaccurate words from the inaccuracies we have been sowing.  You see, truth is accurate information, data and knowledge with which anyone can chart a true course for his journey.  So when Jesus said that holding onto His teachings will let us know the truth and the truth will set us free, it means we will have accurate information, data and knowledge that allow us to plan and execute a course of action that sets us free from the effects of sin and death.

When we can speak the words of Jesus accurately, we will reap the words with the truth they were meant to help us to come to know.  When we practise the words of Jesus accurately, we will receive the blessing they were meant to give, and so on.  But thanks to men like James the Younger, and others who had taught believers to call them, “Father,” what little of the words of Jesus that are taught are taught and practised inaccurately.  And so most believers are like the twelve – always labouring at their faith like the twelve laboured at the oars and still got nowhere, and if they did, they find themselves somewhere they never intended and neither where the Lord intended.

Jesus never planned for a prolonged absence from the Earth, nor was it ever in His mind that His church would have no miraculous power.  Neither did it ever enter His imagination that His church would raise up a religion that fights against itself, killing all who do not agree and murdering for silver and gold in His Name.  But that is what He has got now.

So, if you are not where the will of the Lord has said you should be, then repent, for you have journeyed using inaccurate data, knowledge and information about Jesus and His will for you.

If the twelve had repented that night when Jesus stepped into the boat instead of worshipping Him, He would have caused the boat to instantly arrive at Bethsaida.  If the ten had repented that night in Jerusalem when He walked into the room even though the doors were locked, He might have been able to translate them back to the mount in Galilee.  But no, they chose to worship Him instead.  If the four had repented when they realised it was the Lord instead of eating the food, He might have translated them back to Jerusalem so that the Holy Spirit might have been poured out on them while He Himself, that is, Jesus, was still on the Earth.

Does a bunch of men coming out of a house looking to the observers as if they were drunk really the way Jesus wanted to launch His church?  Did Jesus really want the people of Gennesaret to greet them the morning after the feeding of the five thousand… people who were ignorant of the miracle?  Would He not have preferred that they came down a mountain on fire with their faces shining, like Moses’ did, to a crowd in Galilee who knew Jesus and His disciples well?  Would He not have preferred that the twelve went across to Bethsaida, the hometown of some of them, to be greeted by people who had heard of the miracle and who may have eaten of the fish and bread?

No, ignorance of the will of Jesus landed the twelve at Gennesaret instead of Bethsaida, and launched the church in Jerusalem instead of Galilee, so that the first report of the church was that they were behaving like drunks.  And now we have a powerless church running a religion that the Lord holds responsible for all who have been killed on the Earth.

Repent, again I say, repent… to the Testimony and the Will until we know what we are saying and are saying it accurately.  For that is the greatest of all worship.

Hr. Ed, manager of the Holy Spirit’s Workshop

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