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“I am the Lord, the God of all mankind.  Is anything too hard for Me?

From the beginning the disciples have taught us by their example to live in fear and trembling of what men could do to those who follow Jesus, as well as being in fear of the elements as when they were caught in a storm, or when Jesus said things that were offensive to the Sanhedrin, and when the Lord Himself was arrested they all fled.

And after the crucifixion, they were hiding in locked rooms rather than going to Galilee or keeping vigil at the tomb.  It is as if this spirit of fear never left the church.  When Paul arrived at Jerusalem in Acts 21, the elders were afraid of the presence of Paul and his effect on those who were zealous for the law, saying, What shall we do?  They will certainly hear that you have come, so do what we tell you.”  Individuals showed great courage, like Stephen and Paul, but the impression given to the reader of the Gospels and the book of Acts is that there were times of fear and there were times of bravado and courage, but the times of fear never left them even after they had seen the risen Lord and had been baptised in the Holy Spirit.  Not even when they had become a church that could heal all the sick who were brought to them as in Acts 5.16 could they withstand the outbreak of persecution of Acts 8, and Saul was able to go from house to house to drag men and women to prison.

In the same way, we have inherited and retained their fears, and worse than that, by and large we do not even have a church that can do what they were doing by Acts 5.16.  So then, in truth the level of fear of men and of disasters is even greater in the present church.  To be fair to all… even the great Elijah ran in fear at the threat of Jezebel straight after his great victory at Mount Carmel.  However, in 2 Kings 1.10 we see a very different Elijah… not one who fled at the rumour of a threat, but one who did not flee even in the presence of 50 armed men, but said, “If I am a man of God, may fire come down from Heaven and consume you and your fifty men!” which was effectively a declaration of war against the king of Judah.

What changed Elijah from a man who ran at a rumour of persecution to one who stood against 50 armed men twice?  His visit to the Mount of God, which in his time was Horeb, the mountain of God, changed him.  There, as chapter 19 tells us, he encountered the Lord, the Lord and the Lord, and became a man who heard the voice of God, stood beside the Lord in His presence, and watched the Lord pass by in fury, and heard the voices of the word of the Lord and the Lord speak to him, both of Them asking him the same question, “What are you doing here, Elijah?”

After that encounter at Horeb with the Lord God Almighty in all Their three Persons, Elijah was a very different man… still a prophet, still powerful, but no longer one who ran but one who challenged his enemies… until they asked him for mercy.  However, even then… the angel of the Lord had to say to Elijah, “Go down with him; do not be afraid of him,” and Elijah went and fearlessly told the king that he would die.

The Mount of Transfiguration in Galilee was to have been the new Mount Horeb of the Sinai, a place where Elijah knew to go in his time, and a place where James, John and Peter knew where to go to in their time.  Just as Elijah stood up against the priests of Baal and then ran at Jezebel’s threat, so Peter stood up against the temple guards and then denied Christ out of fear later.  James and John had scattered, although John came back later to the crucifixion site. 

That visit to the Mount of Transfiguration in Galilee would have allowed the disciples to see the fullness of the Lord, the Lord and the Lord as Moses did and as Elijah did.  Those two powerful prophets of God had one thing in common – they both had seen the fullness of God in the Lord, the Lord and the Lord.

The three on the Mount the first time did not see the fullness of God… only the Lord standing there and they heard the voice of the Father say to them, “This is My Son, whom I love; with Him I am well pleased.  Listen to Him!”  So their boldness and courage were never without fear.  God is Love… and God has no fear, for He is the Lord God Almighty.  However, it is the seeing of the fullness of the full measure of God… Father, Son and Holy Spirit… that one has seen the fullness of love, and therefore it dispels all fears.  It is to see the fullness of the Lord, the Lord and the Lord in one place at one time, as Moses and Elijah did, that all fears are gone because complete, perfect and absolute love has come to drive out all fears.

Joshua was discipled by Moses… and except for the fear of God, Joshua never showed fear in the sight of his enemies.  Elisha was discipled by Elijah, and likewise, Elisha never showed fear… even when confronted by a whole army in 2 Kings 6.15-16… and he blinded them!  A feat repeated by Paul who blinded the false prophet Bar-Jesus.

Moses defeated Egypt and Joshua watched him defeat Sihon, king of the Ammorites, and Og, king of Bashan, and learnt to wage war against the kings of Canaan.  Elisha must have learnt of what Elijah did to two companies of 50 armed men, and so when he was faced with an army he blinded them all, rendering them harmless without killing them.  In a way… when it came to military battles, Joshua did the greater thing, and when it came to neutralizing enemies, Elisha did the greater thing.  See what Joshua and Elisha had in common… both were discipled by men who had stood in the presence of the fullness of God… the Lord, the Lord, the Lord. 

Even though the eleven were discipled by Jesus personally for three years, they had never themselves stood in the presence of the Lord with the Lord and the Lord in full magnificent manifestation as well.  Even though they were discipled by One who is greater than Moses and Elijah, and they saw Moses and Elijah speak to Jesus, not one of the eleven had stood in the presence of the Lord with the Lord and the Lord in the same place and time in full manifestation.  

As such, there was never the transformation that Moses and Elijah had… whereby all fear of men was gone completely, but the fear of God remained.  If three years of personal discipleship was enough to rid the disciples of all fear, then there would never have been the need for a 40 day sojourn planned on the top of the Mount of Transfiguration in Galilee.  Not one disciple went… and the church was started without a single disciple who had beheld the fullness of God who is Love… the Lord, the Lord and the Lord… and had fear driven out fully by the experience of being in the presence of all Love.

Whereas they retained an inherent element of fear of men… and so we never saw a transformation, a change, and a turn around in the behaviour of the apostles, that when faced with opposition, they could do to their opposers what Moses and Elijah did to those who harassed them.  Neither do we hear of it in the subsequent disciples.  When Stephen was stoned… we hear of no raising of Stephen.  When James and Peter were arrested by Herod and he wanted to kill them… and did so to James the Elder… we hear of no immediate retribution against Herod in such a way that it prevented James’ death.  Instead, we read… Godly men buried Stephen and mourned deeply for him.  Herod was able to execute James, though he was later struck down by an angel of the Lord.  Whereas, Moses and Joshua needed no angelic help and the response against those who harassed Elijah and Elisha was immediate… not days later.  The king of Judah was not allowed to boast nor the Aramean army allowed to gloat as Herod did in Acts 12… being emboldened by his success against James, he arrested Peter and went to Caesarea to carry out a successful political campaign.  It was because he did not give praise to God that an angel struck him down.  Yet no one struck him when he raised his sword against a member of the body of Christ, James the Elder.  For there not to have been immediate response is to watch Jesus having His arm cut off and not a disciple come to His aid!

And so somehow we were taught to accept the persecution, hardship and suffering, and wait on God for deliverance and to pay back our enemies.  And evil men have been able to carry on until too late… their sudden loss of life meant that they would lose their soul as Herod lost his, for he was given no chance of repentance to live, but was struck down and eaten by worms and died.

An immediate display of power by Peter to blind Herod as Paul blinded Elymas could have led Herod to repentance, as it did the proconsul in Paphos when he saw what happened to Bar-Jesus.  Paul blessed Bar-Jesus in the same way as he was blessed… as he was blinded in Acts 9, so he blinded Bar-Jesus in Acts 13.  As such, even Paul’s blinding of Bar-Jesus is not of the caliber of Elisha’s blinding of the Aramean army… and Jesus said we would do even greater things!

John wrote:  I, John, your brother and companion in the suffering and kingdom and patient endurance that are ours in Jesus, was on the island of Patmos…  Yes, there is a suffering and there is a patient endurance that are of the Kingdom of God, just as Christ suffered and even now the Holy Spirit is enduring patiently.  However, it is not the suffering of the helpless and the patient endurance of the weak that the church is familiar with, but rather, it is the suffering of the powerful and the endurance of the strong that is truly ours in Jesus.  For Jesus suffered the cross, not as One who could not deliver Himself from the cross… but as One who refused to deliver Himself so that the work He had to do was finished.  The Holy Spirit has endured patiently not because He could not finish the testimony for Jesus without us… but as One who is waiting patiently so that it is done for the greater glory of God.

At the moment Christians cannot retaliate with miraculous power because they cannot… not because they would not.  Christians endure patiently because they have to, not because they choose to.  That is the difference… because no one in the church has ever been discipled by one and ones who have stood in the presence of the fullness of God… the Father, Son and Holy Spirit at the same time, as Joshua and Elisha were.

Because not one of the eleven had ever stood in the presence of the Lord, the Lord and the Lord in the same place and time, not one of them could raise up disciples like Moses raised up Joshua and Elijah raised up Elisha, but instead, as the power was diluted down more and more, a religion called Christianity sprung up in its place, where men debated who Jesus Christ is, and where men each had their theories on how to access the blessings of Heaven and the gold of the pagans whilst the blind remained blind.  Great buildings and monuments were built to display the glory of the kingdom those men imagined it would be without ever being able to ever display the real glory, where the dead are raised, lack is changed to abundance, water to good wine, etc.  Because they could not change water to good wine, they outlawed wine.  Because they could not raise the dead, they invented hallowed ground for cemeteries.  Because they could not multiply the food, they taxed and robbed the people to feed themselves.  Because they could not drive out demons, they killed those who could, accusing them of witchcraft and Satan worship.  Because they could not be trusted with real power, they lusted for worldly power and set up governments that oppressed and did not serve.  For 2000 years, the world has seen the Christian church, but not the church of the Kingdom of God, the kingdom of power and joy, peace and righteousness in the Holy Spirit.

Now, as it was in the beginning, so it shall be again, just as Jesus caused the toastmaster to say, “…You have saved the best till now,” so once more men will say of the Bridegroom, “You have saved the best till now.”  Just as Jesus began His ministry with a display of His glory so that the disciples would put their faith in Him… so now it will be a display of His glory that will cause disciples everywhere to once more put their faith in Jesus and His words.

After 2000 years, even Satan has no idea what the real church of the Kingdom of God is meant to look like, much less, act like.  However, it is now clear and will be clearer that the lesser ministers of the church of the Kingdom of God and therefore of Christ… will be able to do at least what Elijah did, even calling down fire from Heaven.  So then, it should no longer surprise you that the prophet who will commit the unforgivable sin will be able to call fire down from Heaven.  And there will be no false apostles by the time the false prophet takes the rebellion, for his pride will never allow him to tolerate serving under an ‘apostle’, real or false.  So he will kill and eliminate all those who claim to be apostles but are not, but will not be able to touch the true ones… for his powers have their limits.

Had the eleven been there on top of the Mount of Transfiguration those 40 days, they would not only have seen and experienced being in the presence of the Lord, the Lord and the Lord in the same place and the same day as Moses and Elijah had, but more than Moses and Elijah had… they would have seen and understood… no, even experienced what Jesus meant exactly when He said, “I and the Father are One,” and how the Holy Spirit is One with Them.  Moses heard the Lord say, “The Lord, the Lord…” as the other Two passed by, and Elijah was told by One to stand in the presence of Another as the Other passed by.  Neither of them really saw or understood the Oneness of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit who is the Lord God Almighty.  Because neither Moses nor Elijah saw and understood, no Jew can understand or believe that God who is One is Father, Son and Holy Spirit also. 

However, because the eleven did not see that Oneness either, they could not teach about that Oneness in the early days of the church.  It was not until Paul came years later that the Oneness of God was even taught… Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  So, the eleven did not go and see… that leaves one to behold the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in the same place on the same day, to see and understand Their Oneness, Their unity, Their love… Their harmony.  One who can say… we can see what they did not see, know what they did not know, and therefore understand and do what they did not understand and do, because the Holy Spirit who is with us, He is God and nothing is to hard for Him.  Nothing is impossible for the Holy Spirit.

As Paul said… the Spirit is the Lord, and the Spirit has said, “I am the Lord, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for Me?”  It is the Oneness of God… that They are One in Each Other and with Each Other that these words apply to Each of Them individually and corporately.  So that for the Father there is nothing too hard, just as for the Son there is nothing too hard.  For the Father, giving His only begotten Son is not too hard.  For the Son, giving up His only life is not too hard, and for the Holy Spirit, giving up His holiness is not too hard.  There is nothing too hard for Them to do and there is nothing They cannot do… if they choose to.  And because They are One, the doing by One is the doing by All.

But the not doing by One is also the not doing by All.  So then Jesus could become sin and yet not sin, for the Holy Spirit has never sinned, and the Holy Spirit can be poured on all flesh and yet not be on all flesh, for the Father is only One with Jesus, the Word who became flesh, and so the Father remains holy and thus the Spirit remains holy. 

Satan has no such oneness with anyone.  Even when he aligns himself with the false prophet and raises up the beast, these three will never become one as God is One… as it is written:  “The two kings, with their hearts bent on evil, will sit at the same table and lie to each other, but to no avail, because an end will still come at the appointed time.”  The false prophet may march with the beast together, but they will lie to each other, plotting each other’s demise, for Satan has no intention of sharing with anyone, and neither does the false prophet. 

No one can share as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit share… as the Lord said, “All that belongs to the Father is Mine.”  Jesus was the One who gave freely what He received when He received the glory from the Father and gave it to us, saying, “I have given them the glory that You gave Me, that they may be one as We are One…” which was why He said to the eleven, “Freely you have received, freely give.”

It is because there will be the church of the Kingdom of Christ raised up as it was meant to be raised up, led by one and men who have stood in the presence of God who is One, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and do not only believe They are in Each Other, but know and understand They are in Each Other, the Father in the Son, the Son in the Father, and the Holy Spirit in both of Them and proceeding from Them, not as a theological essay to pass an exam, but as ‘one’ who are witnesses of Their Oneness, that there is nothing that will be impossible for them, and no power or plans of the enemies will prevail. 

For those who have the privilege of being taken to the top of the Mount of Transfiguration by the Holy Spirit will know and understand the absolute superiority of the Oneness of God who is Love, and all fears of all things will be wiped from them… even the fear of the Lord.  For how can one continue to fear the One you love immeasurably… for when you dwell in the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord, you find that the Fear of the Lord is One with God who is Love.  Thus, your thoughts, your actions and your words will never be based on fear of any sort, but on love of all sorts… love of enemies, love of one another, love of neighbour, love of God and love of self.  And when you are one with God as They are one with you… then the love of self is the love of God in its fullness, for you are made in the Image of God to be raised to the fullness of the stature of Christ who is God.  But in that holy place… being like God is the least of your concerns and certainly not your ambition, and you know as God knows… you will never usurp the kingdom, but like Christ… hand it all back to the Father at the completion of all things.  Then being one of such attitude… does anything need to be withheld from you?  Even the powers of the age to come?  So then, will anything be too hard for you?

Since nothing will be and nothing is too hard for you… then could not those who have come last in the procession like men condemned to the arena, who have seen the Lord, who have a ministry of signs, wonders and miracles done with great perseverance, and who have a gospel of their own, raise up prophets who can shut up the sky so that it does not rain during the days they are prophesying, devour men who oppose them with the word of God from their mouth, and unleash plagues on cities with the word of God as often as they please?

He is the Lord… the Spirit of God… and He is God.  Is anything too hard for Him?

No, so the days are come when all men will truly hate us because of Jesus Christ… and standing firm to the end to be saved will no longer mean being saved from disasters and persecution or death… but being saved for glory and glory.  The words of Jesus will no longer be read and heard with fear but with love, and because they will be read and heard and practised with love, they will never fail to do exactly what they were sent forth to do and return void… for love never fails.  Once more, armies of kings will wither if they are raised against a man or a woman of God, enemies will be blinded so that they may be led to the city of God, and those who do not love God will fear God, and those who love God will fear nothing… not even life.

For those who fear take life, but those who love give life.  Enemies will be kept alive till Jesus arrives, and those who are too fearful of what is coming upon the Earth will be sent home to be with the Father until all the battles, the wars and the rebellions are completely destroyed and the final everlasting peace has been made… with this present Earth’s destruction and New Earth is revealed.

But for now… know and understand nothing is too hard for the Holy Spirit.  So it is easy for the Holy Spirit to show His elect that which the eleven did not attend to see and receive all those years ago.  And having received what they were invited for, we will be like the strangers from the highways and byways who can tell the invited guests… what fine wines were served, what aged meats were carved, and what songs were sung.

So the world will be given a foretaste of the Kingdom of Christ so that they may choose… to have Him as King or oppose Him before He arrives.  As John wrote when the seventh angel sounded his trumpet, and there were loud voices in Heaven, which said:  “The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ, and He will reign for ever and ever.”

Yes, elect… the kingdom of the world will become the kingdom of our Lord, the Holy Spirit, and of His Christ, who will reign forever and ever in His Father’s Name, even after He has handed over the kingdom to God the Father.  For They are truly… One.

He who has ears let him hear what the Spirit is saying to the church of the Kingdom of Christ.


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