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Jesus came and gave us, who believe, life, even eternal life, and for those who take up their rights as children of God, a relationship and not a religion.  There is much emphasis on the quality of a person’s life as a ‘Christian’ and their relationship with God and also on the importance of bearing fruits.  Such emphasis is good and correct and it should be thought of, taught and practised.  A person should ensure they have the fruits of the Spirit of love, joy, peace and so on. However, having something is meaningless if the possession of that something does not fulfil its purpose or is not used for its purpose.

You can believe that God sent His only son Jesus Christ to save the world so that by your faith you have the eternal life promised, but if you are not using the eternal life for the purpose that it was given, then the eternal life itself is useless and wasted and worse still, when you take that eternal life and use it for a purpose for which it was not given, that is a travesty.  You can take up your right as a child and enjoy all the benefits of your relationship with God, but if you do not use the relationship for the purpose that it was given, then again it is a waste, and when you use it for that which it was not given, it is a travesty.  You can bear fruits of the Spirit, but if the fruits are born not for their purposes, then again it is a waste and a travesty.  Likewise with the gifts and the power.

Everything God has given us through Jesus Christ is important and we should make every effort to show that with our lives.  However, when the discussion is turned to the ‘having’ of the life, the relationship, the fruits or the gifts for its own sake, then we have missed the whole point.  For every gift, every life, every relationship and every fruit given to us by God has a purpose and it is when we learn to apply what we have received for the purpose for which it was given that we do justice to the gift and the Giver.

It is timely to remind ourselves of the purpose of what we are doing and are about to do by seeing the purpose that God intended for the eternal life, the relationship, the fruits and the gifts that He has given us so that we can avoid the trap of doing anything just for the sake of it, but rather, that all that we do fulfils the purpose for which we are called to do it.  The ability to always remind oneself of the purpose for which we do anything is a sound way of staying on track.

For even the false prophet himself has a purpose in all that he will be doing as he allies himself with Satan and uses his God given powers to do signs, wonders and miracles to deceive even the elect if that were possible.  Satan has a purpose even as he hands over his authority to the beast to govern the kings of the world, and the beast has his own purpose as he receives the authority from Satan and allows the false prophet to join with him.  Each of these three of the unholy trinity has his own purpose for which they will join together.  First, the common purpose of preventing Jesus’ arrival on Earth forever, and then their own individual purpose of becoming the ruler and possessor of the world that Jesus died to save.

Then likewise, we who have received our eternal life, our relationship and the gifts and fruits of the Spirit should remind ourselves of the purpose for which these were given and test the purpose for which we use them.

The eternal life that all who believe receive has been given for this one purpose, as Jesus said, “Now this is eternal life: that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom You have sent.” It is given not so that you would not perish even though it does have that effect… it is given so that you may become a knower of God and Jesus, His Christ whom He sent.  However, if you thought that it was for later, that is, when you have lived your life to the desired Christian standard and die to go to Heaven so that then you will know Him, you are mistaken.  The purpose that eternal life is given is in this word:  “Now…”  It is given so that you may come to know God and Jesus Christ.  We are permitted to be saved by faith, not so that we may come to know Them later, but so that we may come to know Them now.  So indeed, if you are not using the salvation you have received to come to know Them now, then you are wasting your eternal life and may find yourself losing everything.  For it is clear in the parables that it is the servants who do not use what was given them for the purpose that it was given, that is, the mina and the talent, who were called wicked and lazy servants.

Laziness then can be defined as not using the gifts for the purposes they were given, and wickedness can be defined as using the gifts for the purposes they were not given, like those lazy servants of the parables of the minas in Luke 19.11-27 and of the talents in Matthew 25.14-30, who were lazy and wicked because they did not put their talent or their mina to work and they used the position they were given as servants for a purpose that they were not hired for.

As for the right that is given to all who believe to be children of God, the purpose of that relationship is not so that you might take your share of the inheritance and go away to squander it like the prodigal son, or to stay home working, ensuring that you would get what is due to you.  It is not given so that you can say, “Yes,” to the Father and not do what you agreed to do, nor to say, “No,” to the Father and then repent.  But rather, the purpose of your right to be a child of God is so that you would grow up and learn to be a son or daughter like the Firstborn Son who said, “Yes,” to the Father and did what was commanded and who left His Father’s house to bring back the lost so that He could share what the Father gave Him with all of them.  The purpose of your sonship and daughtership is that you attain fullness of the stature of Christ and be one whom the Father can find as well pleasing and as beloved as Jesus.  To take your right as a child of God and to use it to do what the sons in the parables did is a waste and an insult to the Father who gave you that right.

As for the gifts and the fruits, even the miraculous power and the all important fruit of love, which many content is more important than all the gifts, if they are not received, used and brought forth for the purposes that are assigned to them, then they are a waste and a travesty.  You can have all the love, joy, peace and all the fruits of the Spirit as a group of Christians, but if you do not bring glory to God the Father with those fruits, they are a waste.  For unless those fruits are accompanied with the ability to bear witness for Jesus Christ, then they are useless and false fruits.  If the fact that you have learnt to have love, joy, peace, etc. so that the world would think well of you and accept you and that such fruits are shared with the unbelieving world without standing up unashamedly for Jesus Christ and His hard teachings, then you have missed the purpose for which you are commanded to bear fruits.  For the purpose of those fruits – the love, joy, peace and so on – are to be born by us not so that the world would think we are nice and lovely people, but so that God would enjoy them, and His glory comes when the trees of His planting yield the fruits for which they were planted – for His enjoyment and for Him to give to His friends, even to His enemies.

And finally, to now state the obvious, the gifts of the Spirit, even full miraculous power, have been given by God for a purpose.  In the case of the power, so that we may be witnesses of Jesus Christ.  And to not use those gifts is a waste, but to use them for any other purpose is a travesty.

Likewise, the Holy Spirit’s elect, we are elected for a purpose – to do the work He has for us.  To use your election for anything else and to not take up your election is to defeat the purpose.  We are not elected to start up a new movement or a church, nor are we elected to correct or disciple the church, but merely to do the work the Holy Spirit has set us aside for and that is, to fulfil the word He has given Jesus when He said to Jesus, “Come!” As such, everything we are to think, say and do must be applied to this one end – the arrival of Jesus Christ in glory so that the Spirit’s invitation to Jesus is fulfilled.

Our growth, our practice, our acquisition and development of power, our everything that you can care to list is purposed for one thing and one thing only – to see this word of the Holy Spirit to Jesus fulfilled.  As such, the purpose of our eternal life here and now is to know God well enough to know that the Spirit has made a promise to Jesus that He intends to keep.  The purpose of our relationship as sons and daughters here and now is to see the Father of our spirits keep His word to the Saviour of our souls – Jesus, who being one with the Father, is indeed also our Father.  For even if you think of Him as your Brother, in truth He has been a Brother who has looked after us like a Father.  The purpose of our gifts and fruits are to effect the return of Jesus whilst giving glory to the Father even as He waits patiently to see Jesus glorified here and now.

So then, the question of authenticity of life, relationship, gifts and fruits is answered by one word – purpose.  When you ensure that your purposes are true to God, then you are true.  And when you learn to see the purpose of another, that is when you learn and see whether he is the real or the counterfeit.  For even as we restore the real so that counterfeits can be produced to deceive those who can be deceived, there is a purpose and that purpose is true – for the return of Jesus.

So when people enquire of you, “Why are you doing this?” like they enquired of John and Peter when they were untying the donkey and the colt, learn to say, “The Lord needs it.” So when you are asked, “Why are you the elect of the Holy Spirit?” answer, “The Lord needs it.”  So when asked, “Why are you fulfilling scriptures to bring back Jesus?” answer, “The Lord needs it.”  When asked, “Why do you practise the power?  Why do you highlight the word?” and in everything that you do that others find alien, answer, “The Lord has need of it.”  And this one answer tests the motive of all your thoughts, words and actions, and casts down those who are lazy and wicked who say, “God is God and has no need of anything,” as an excuse of their inaction and their forsaking of God, the God Himself who spoke these words as the Son has told us, “…tell him, ‘The Lord needs it.’ “

The Lord needs to return and the Lord needs to keep His word to the Lord and that is why we also say, “Come, Lord Jesus, come,” and work without rest until He arrives.


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