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A New Day

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“…very early in the morning…” [Luke 24.1] so the gospel of Luke begins its account of the greatest of all – Resurrection Day, the day when Christ rose from the dead, when everything that had ever gone wrong in the creation of God would have its redemption, correction and renewal.  But not renewal as many understand renewal, but a renewal that is based on a Person and a process called Resurrection.  When He rose from the dead, it was not just a triumph over sin and Death, not even a triumph over the deadly schemes of Satan… but rather, it set into motion a process that can only be accessed by faith that works by love, that would cause the wiping out of the all that has been committed since the day Adam ate of the forbidden fruit.  A process no religion can fathom or understand, no selfish man can master, no science can unravel.  A process so unstoppable that it would be easier for men to stop the Earth from rotating than to stop the inevitable work of the resurrection that began the day Christ rose from the dead.

For the Resurrection Himself was subject to death so that He who is the Resurrection would Himself become a victim of the process, so that resurrection itself would never be the same and can never be subject to death or decay, even error or sin.  It is perfection made perfect.  For the Kingdom of God was not going to be launched and be subject to the whims and ambitions of men as the kingdom of men or the kingdom of Israel have been.  The Kingdom of God would not come until the Resurrection Himself was raised from the dead, so that everything about the resurrection itself would be subject to the laws of resurrection.  Whatever dies would come back to live again as long as there was faith.  And it would not be restricted to just lives, but everything associated with lives – hopes, dreams, plans, desires, loves… everything that is good and helps a person achieve that which God made a man for.  To live, to come to know God so that he might learn to be like God, knowing good and evil and never dying, just as Satan said, but choosing to love good and to be good and hating evil.

You see, the lies of Satan have nothing original about them, for if they were original, then he himself would be a creator of sorts.  But the lies of Satan consist of half the facts, and they are lies not because they are not factual, but because whatever he says and does is never for the glory and honour of the one who sent him.  However, the joke is on Satan, for all that he has ever committed has been to the glory and the honour of the One who created Him, for through him, sin and death came, so that even the Resurrection was subject to them… that is, subject to sin and death.  And because He did die and did rise from the dead, so all that has been committed against God by Satan and those like him have been for the glory and honour of the Creator.

The joke is this:  God did not send Satan to deceive Eve, but Satan came on his own accord, and through him came the sin and death that led all the way to the empty tomb with the resurrection of the Resurrection.  That which Satan purposed for the destruction, even discomfort and disgrace of God, has turned out to be for God’s glory.  And since God did not send Satan for this, no reward or payment is due to Satan.  It is a gift and is accepted as a gift, freeing God to still do to Satan that which God has in mind.

For after all, Satan did try do to God all he wanted, and with the help of Judas and the murderous Herodians and Pharisees, the plot succeeded.  Except that at the last moment, God gave Satan a foretaste of the futility that awaited him – when Jesus executed the U-turn on the course of creation, when in His silence before false witnesses, He took upon Himself all the punishment due for the sin according to the law.  Because the guilt is transferred only if the sin is a lie, and the first sin was committed because of a lie… the mass of all sins that have been subsequently committed as a result of that first lie was transferred to Jesus.  Mankind was set free of all sins from that moment on, and now Jesus needed to die so that He would die as One who stayed true to the work that He was sent to do, despite being rejected and forsaken by the One who sent Him.

By continuing the work even after He was rejected, the finished work was no longer an assignment but a free gift to the One who first sent Him.  A gift once given cannot not be returned, and so all who put their faith in Jesus became part of the gift to God from Jesus that God could not return or reject.  Even if the actual gift were returned, it can never undo the act of the giving in the first place.  That was why Pilate tried so many times to set Jesus free, and why Satan ended his alliance with Judas and gave Judas back his conscience so that he might try to dissuade the chief priests from their murderous course.  Satan himself had set in motion a course of events that would forever set men free from him, and would forever free God from all constraints to be all that He will be.

For in the resurrection, that which was is not restored but returns in a different form, similar yet different.  Recognisable if you are looking for the resurrection, but unrecognisable if you are not looking for it.  That is why Jesus was unrecognisable to Mary and later to Simon and Cleopas when they first saw Him, but when He chose to reveal Himself, they all recognised Him.

Since it is the Holy Spirit who raised Jesus from the dead, declaring Him to be the Son of God by His power, then the Testimony of the Holy Spirit is the most important testimony that needs to be brought forth, so that once and for all the truth about Jesus Christ can be known and justice be brought to Him. The disciples did not and could not understand this at that time, but as the Lord had promised, later they would.

So then, even though the church they raised up for Jesus is not the one He had in mind, now the church herself will be subject to the resurrection so that all that was dead about her will now come to life never to be lost again.  And men once more have been given the opportunity to be proved the liars that we are so that God is forever proved true, and every knee will have to bow and every tongue will be silent.  Now shall all the works of every man be brought to nothing and be subject to death and the resurrection, so that those who have done good will have a future where the good they have done or intended to do will be returned to reward them forever… thirty, sixty, even a hundred times better than what they intended.  As for those who delighted in forsaking God and enjoyed the evil afforded by Godlessness, that which they have done will be returned to them to torment them forever, for after all, that is what they have sown for themselves to reap.

As for God, He will move on and prove Himself true to Moses whom He had testified to, “I AM WHO I AM,” [Exodus 3.14] and “I WILL BE WHAT I WILL BE.” [Exodus 3.14 footnote] Thanks to the liar and sinful men, God the Resurrection has been resurrected Himself and is now free to be what He will be.  And all who love Him, who have believed in Him from the beginning, will move on with Him into the future eternities.  The millennial reign, judgement day, and the New Heavens, the New Earth and New Jerusalem are all just steps He will take to be what He will be.

“Blessed are those who have eyes to see what you will see, and hear what you will hear, from now on.”

As for those who hated God for who He was and is, rejoice, for God is moving on to be what He will be, and He is not taking you with Him.

A most blessed resurrection to all.  Amen.

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