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A Message for Mr. Warm

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Not everything in the Bible is gospel or good news.  It is good news only for those on whom God’s favour rests, but for certain individuals like Satan, the Bible has no good news, for his fate has been clearly decided already as Jesus said, “…the prince of this world now stands condemned.” Have you not noticed that after Jesus told His disciples, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from Heaven,” He began to refer to him as the prince of this world in John 14.30 and John 16.11?  Here is something to learn from your King, elect:  Respect… respect for your enemies, even those who betray you and hate you.  Remember that He greeted Judas, calling him, “Friend…” when Judas brought the crowd to arrest Him.  And this is the news for the devil with regards to his fate as John the beloved apostle testified:  And the devil, who deceived them, was thrown into the lake of burning sulphur, where the beast and the false prophet had been thrown.  They will be tormented day and night for ever and ever.

If you are confident in your victory, you can afford to be courteous and respectful to your enemy, for your good manners show that you do live in Love, for love is not rude as Paul reminded us. There is no need to call the devil names that do not belong to him from here on.  If Jesus, our King, calls him “…the prince of this world…” so likewise, elect, we should.

However, the bad news in the Bible is not confined to Satan.  If you happen to be Mr. Warm with the first name Luke, that is, Mr. and Mrs. Lukewarm, there is news of a disastrous magnitude that matches the fate awaiting Satan, for Jesus has said, “So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit (vomit) you out of My mouth.” You can spend many hours and even years debating what lukewarm is.  However, the most profitable way to spend your time is to ensure that you are never lukewarm.  In the case of an unbeliever, be the ultimate of unbelievers; be totally ‘cold.’  However, for a believer, disciple, servant, friend or brother, the best defence against lukewarmness is to be hot all the time.  Jesus gave everyone who has heard of Him and His words the answer to avoid being lukewarm:  “If anyone is ashamed of Me and My words…” The first defence against lukewarmness is to be sure that you are not ashamed of Jesus and His words before this adulterous generation.

Again, we are not speaking about believing in Jesus and His words.  Many believe in Jesus and His words but are ashamed of Him and His words.  You can also love Jesus but still be ashamed of Him and His words.  When you claim to believe or love Him and His words and yet before this generation do not speak of Him or His words, but rather, speak of the organisation you belong to or the words of someone else from your organisation, then, in truth, you are actually ashamed of Jesus and His words.  Open your ears and listen to those who use the Name of Christ and preach in His Name and hear how often they speak of other men and their words.

If you are a disciple or believer, if you say you belong to His church, ensure that you are not ashamed of Him and His words in public, for that ashamedness, which many excuse as timidity, betrays your membership in those whose last name is Warm and whose first name is Luke – ‘Lukewarm.’

However, elect, the true secret for being hot for Jesus is shown when you live a life that is clearly filled with pride for Him and His words.  Not a boisterous pride, although there is a degree of boasting that must accompany any pride… but your boasting must be based on a foundation of testimonial knowledge of Him.

When asked by Jesus, “What do you want?” the first two men to become His disciples replied, “Rabbi, where are You staying?” When you are not ashamed to come to know someone, you want to know where he is at, where he is staying, how he lives, and know and understand him, and so whatever you are boasting about that person is about what you truly know him to be.

A son who boasts to his friends how rich his father is when in fact his father is an honest, poor labourer, is not a son who is truly proud of his father, but rather, in truth, is a son who is ashamed of his father.  Hence, those who speak about Jesus out of ignorance, no matter how highly they speak of Jesus, even if they call Him, “King,” are, in truth, one and ones who are ashamed of Jesus.  It is only those who first speak of Jesus from what they know of Him and hope Him to be, if they do not yet know Him, who are those who are truly ones who are not ashamed of Jesus.  And unless you are not ashamed of someone, you cannot be a person who is actually proud of that person.

So, the fruit of a life that is not ashamed of Jesus and His words is not just a person who loves Him whom he believes, but a person who loves the One he knows.  The first is idolatry; the second is true worship.

And to ensure that you do stay continually hot for Jesus, from your unashamedness of Him must come true pride.  Pride of who and what He is so that you would boast of Him regardless of whether He is bringing the light or the darkness, the life or the death, the prosperity or the disaster.  A pride that sees you willing to believe every word He has said, and obey and practise them as He has said them without trying to avoid them, change them or improve them like James the Younger did or the Council of Jerusalem did in Acts 15 and 21.

The church in Acts 21 was obviously too ashamed of Jesus’ teachings on eating His flesh and drinking His blood to speak it plainly to those who were zealous of the law… and gave very bad advice to Paul on how to appease them so that the church would not lose them in the thousands.  Anyone who concurs with judgments that go against the words and Person of Jesus is a person who is ashamed of Jesus, even if he calls himself an elder and apostle of the church.  For as Satan was judged by his pride, so let all men be judged by their pride, rather than what they profess to believe or love.  For it is what you are proud of that you would truly treasure, and it is what you truly treasure that has captivated your heart, and it is what captivates your heart that you truly love and believe for… for Jesus has said, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” It is only those for whom Jesus and His words are their treasure who will find that indeed they can be judged as having pride… pride in the Man and His words.  And since Satan’s heart was judged by his pride – “Your heart became proud on account of your beauty…” – then likewise we should all be judged by the pride of our hearts.  Those whose hearts have become proud on account of the Lord’s beauty that they have come to know are those who are truly hot for Him.

So then, elect, look for pride amongst all men and see what they are proud of.  Look for pride amongst those who call on Jesus, saying, “Lord, Lord,” and see what they are proud of.  And by their pride you will know whether they are the vomit and spit of the Lord, even if they can and have prophesied in His Name, driven out demons in His Name and done miracles in His Name.

Be not impressed by those who treasure the field but seek to dishonour the Owner of the field.  Remember the parable of the tenants of the field who so treasured the field that they killed the servants and the son of the owner. Likewise, you will see many who treasure the church enough to dishonour the servants of the Owner and even the Owner Himself when they neither speak nor practise His words in His church, but speak of someone else and his words.  They are the ones who truly belong to the family of Warm whose father is Luke – the Lukewarms.  Warn them even as you warn yourself… take warning now.  Be hot if you are one who calls Jesus, “Lord, Lord,” for indeed, those who are cold will enjoy a much better fate than you if you are lukewarm, for you have assigned yourself as vomitus in the spittoon of the Lord.

Let your faith then grow until it yields forth knowledge, for the road of faith always leads its travellers to knowledge… and speak faithfully of that knowledge.  If you love it, speak of it with love; if you hate it, then hate it with honesty.  For God is seeking those who worship in spirit and in truth… for there is more respect for those who honestly hate God than those who are lukewarm for God, for He addressed even the devil who hates Him as, “…the prince of this world…” and has even left him a final opportunity to escape his fate if only he can control himself.

Such is the magnificence of your God and my God, your Father and my Father, your King and my King, elect.  So be proud of Him, for He is proud of you, and you will learn what is meant by these words of the apostle:  …I take great pride in you.


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