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I was with my landlord, Godfrey Amaliga and a large crowd on Christmas night when my attention was drawn to a call from the next compound.  A man living there was passing out, and his wife was crying because there was no vehicle to take him to the hospital.  In the confusion I remembered that this could be an opportunity to display God’s power.  As my landlord, Godfrey and I stood in the midst of the people who had gathered around the man, suddenly I spoke out and drove out everyone from the room.  I took the hand of the dying man and I did not say a word.  I commanded that he should go to sleep and wake up delivered from whatever was wrong with him, including alcoholism.  We left and returned home.  A few hours later, I went to check on him and found that he was still asleep.  This morning the man woke up restored and he ate.  Everyone around the place witnessed this scene – the sleep and then the restoration.