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“I have much more to say to you, more than you can now bear,” [John 16.12] Jesus told the eleven before they went across the Kidron Valley where He would be arrested and the time of His torture and torment would begin.  So how much of these ‘more’ did Jesus tell them and was able to tell them?  Less than 730 words, for that is all that is recorded of the post-resurrection words of Jesus in the four gospels.  Now compare that with the 35,000 plus words of the pre-crucifixion teachings.  It is inconceivable that Jesus would spend another 40 days on Earth after the resurrection and only utter 700 plus words.  As such, there is another truth and it is this:  There are more of Jesus’ instructions than what is written in the gospels.  However, when I say this, many will correctly say this is dangerous and will allow for all types of false teachings to be brought in, all in the name of the ‘missing’ teachings, and there will probably be those who would try anyway.  Fear of what those who delight in doing wrong would do should never deter those of us who seek to do right from going forward, for what we are purposing is to bring Jesus Christ back in the flesh, and as the apostle John had written, it is the deceivers who refuse to acknowledge Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh.  As such, anyone who purposes to bring Jesus back in the flesh is not a deceiver, and any teaching that can effect such an eventuality is not a deception.

Indeed, if there are large amounts of post-resurrection teachings missing from the scriptures – teachings about the Kingdom of God that Jesus taught as He spent the time with the eleven and teachings He could not teach because they did not go to Galilee on schedule – then it is no wonder that the earnest practice of the pre-crucifixion words has not been able to produce the fullness of power that we are seeking for the church.  No machine, no system, can achieve fullness of power and ability if half of the operating instructions are missing.  And it is obvious now that the post-resurrection teachings are lacking.  Indeed, it is good news that the Holy Spirit is now beginning to remind us of the teachings that Jesus did give, that is, the more than the 700 plus words written in the gospels, and more importantly, the teachings that were not given because the eleven did not go to Galilee.

And how do we know these are the teachings?  There is one guide in the book of Acts and that is Acts 1.3:  He appeared to them over a period of forty days and spoke about the Kingdom of God.  As such, the true teachings speak of the Kingdom of God, not in parables but clearly, so that those disciples who have displayed the loyalty required, that is, the faithfulness that is beyond believing and obedience, would have been shown and now will be shown them, so that they may take up their citizenships, not in Heaven but here on Earth, and show the world what a citizen of the Kingdom of God is like and give them a foretaste of the kingdom that is coming to the Earth.  As well as preparing raising the citizen from the disciple, the teachings are also focused on bringing Jesus back to the Earth for His millennial reign.

However, if you do not and cannot even fulfil the pre-crucifixion teachings or show no inclination to hold to the pre-crucifixion teachings of Christ, then how can you be trusted with the post-resurrection teachings?  Since the eleven did not display faith to believe and obey on resurrection morning, it is little wonder that only 700 plus words were written down for us as having been given to them that are uniquely post-resurrection.  And there is very little in the epistles that are uniquely post-resurrection either, except for the few verses from Paul such as, “It is more blessed to give than to receive,” [Acts 20.35] and “My grace is sufficient for you, for My power and strength is made perfect in weakness.” [2 Corinthians 12.9 (NIV and KJV)]  However, in the letters belonging to the members of the eleven, there are scant post-resurrection teachings.  Indeed, for the amount of training they had received from the Lord personally, the members of the eleven make a much lesser contribution than the apostle who was abnormally born.

To access the hidden post-resurrection teachings of the Kingdom of God, we must therefore first master the available post-resurrection teachings, beginning with the first three:

  • “As the Father has sent Me, I am sending you.” [John 20.21]
  • “Receive the Holy Spirit.” [John 20.22]
  • “If you forgive anyone his sins, they are forgiven; if you do not forgive them, they are not forgiven.” [John 20.24]

The first is to realise that disciples who are sent out, as Jesus was sent out, are to preach the good news and to reveal the Father, just as Jesus preached the good news and revealed the Father.  The good news is a testimony that arises from the practice of the pre-crucifixion teachings, not the ‘news’ of a believer nor the sharing of the faith.  Jesus was not sent by the Father to share the faith.  He was sent by the Father to see who had the faith to believe in the good news and the testimony of God.  The ‘church’ is to reveal the Father of Jesus, not to raise up a religion where strangers are called ‘father.’

The second is to receive the Holy Spirit, that is, to be ready to greet Him at the appointed time, His appointed time, and not to go fishing when we feel like it and so miss the appointment, or to run a church in which the Holy Spirit has to make an appointment with us before He can manifest.  It is definitely not presupposing that He, the Holy Spirit, would concur with our recommendations, especially when they go against the teachings of Jesus.  The hallmark of a people who have received the Holy Spirit is not just the gift of tongues, but a people of power… so powerful that even the mere believers are able to heal the sick at a touch of their hands, drive out demons with a word, and pick up serpents and drink poison and no harm will come to them.  If the believers are able to do that, then how much more the disciples, that is, the students, and then how much more those who have graduated to serve?  If the prophets of old could call down fire from Heaven, then the servants of the New Covenant must be able to do much more.  The servants, fully instructed in the teachings of the Kingdom of God that Jesus was going to teach the eleven, must have more power and authority than the Old Covenant servants, and certainly more authority so that not only demons are driven out, but can even be changed from unclean to clean like water to good wine, for the things Jesus has done they will do even greater.  Concepts that are completely foreign to the ‘church.’  Why?  Because they love to listen to men like James rather than Jesus.  They would rather hold onto their traditions than to the words of Jesus, and because of all their religiosities, their blind remain blind and the lame remain lame, and instead of multiplying the food to feed the hungry, they take the bread out of the mouths of the hungry.

So, as the elect of the Holy Spirit have fulfilled their first assignment and that is to bring out the Testimony of the Holy Spirit about Jesus Christ, now the second assignment is to practise and master the known post-resurrection teachings so that which was hidden may be revealed and the full set of the teachings of the Kingdom of God is made available, so that those who are faithful, believing, obedient and loyal can manifest the power of the Holy Spirit without limit so that the days of distress can be shortened.

So you have believed, good, you are saved.  So you have obeyed, good, you can work.  But are you loyal so that you can be trusted with what the eleven were not trusted with?

Hr. Edmond Kwan, manager of the Holy Spirit’s Workshop

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