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Testimony from HSW Sydney

A homeless man, Ross, first visited the Sydney Holy Spirit’s Workshop in February and that day was delivered and received the Holy Spirit. He cried a lot and said that he never cried so he was both embarrassed and surprised. The following week he brought in another homeless man, but we had not seen him again until last Saturday, 14th Nov, when he returned with another homeless man, Graham, who has been living under a bridge and who had also visited briefly once before.

Ross was very happy because after his earlier visit, his life had changed. He had gone back to his hometown where he was offered a job on a horse station. The station owner told him that his sister had also visited the town searching for him not long before. He confessed to us that he had been in a feud with his sister and we encouraged him to forgive her. Then he said he had not caught up with her and now it was too late as she since died. So he was asked to forgive himself. It was about 40 minutes of ministering to him before he began to speak in tongues and shook all over, once again crying. He said he felt so good and very different, and continued to quake all over. He later said that he had been such a hard, untrustworthy man that even other homeless men did not want anything to do with him before he was changed so dramatically by his first encounter with the Holy Spirit in February. Now they treat him kindly.

Later in the evening he stepped outside of the grounds to have a smoke and heard the Holy Spirit tell him that his place was not at his hometown, but that he is to remain here in Sydney, and as he joyfully told us this he said he will not take up the job as he wants to stay in obedience.

Meanwhile, Graham, the other homeless man, said that he loves the Lord, but did not see the need to be baptised with the Holy Spirit. He told GraHam, a member of HSW, that his dad is a 83 year old retired Baptist minister who has wanted to see more of him, but he is too ashamed that he cannot pay for the coffee. He confessed that he is happiest when he has no money so he blows it on alcohol and pokies. So GraHam prayed against that with him. He appeared to become angry and ready to walk away but the gentleness of the Holy Spirit brought a peacefulness over him and he was willing to forgive those who had come against him and then prayed for his enemies and for those he had hurt and then received the Holy Spirit and allowed the Holy Spirit to give him the new tongues, but he was not quite ready yet as the tongues were not coming out freely. Later the members of HSW were in a circle of anointing in the Holy Spirit and these two men were invited to stand in the centre. Ross began to quake again and Graham spontaneously combusted into tongues, beginning with hallelujah!

It was so much pleasure witnessing the joy, peace, and love they both experienced.

Graham’s daughter goes to Hillsong and speaks in tongues; now he also praises God! We have not received such acceptance by homeless men as what happened this night.


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