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The 22 year old lady whose terminal Hodgkin’s lymphoma from 2007 was confirmed healed in 2011 by PET scan remains alive and well without relapse of the disease in March 2016.

The 86 year old gentleman with end stage prostate cancer in 2012 remains cancer free in March 2016.  His latest PSA level is .01 ug/l.

The family of the woman in Sri Lanka who was in the end stage of her cancer in November 2014 reports that she has been cancer free since mid 2015 and is alive and well, still to the surprise of her family who had all said their farewells to her in November 2014. Unfortunately, a copy of her medical notes has not been forwarded despite repeated requests, as recently as March 2016.

The gentleman came back in this morning with a MRI proven complete tear of his right supraspinatus ligament. Examination showed signs consistent with a complete tear, with shoulder abduction reduced to less than 5 degrees and with severe pain experienced in all other movements. On questioning, the man had forgotten that he was healed on the 11 March 2016. The shoulder had worsened to the point that his doctor had the MRI performed last week.

Initial efforts of healing were unfruitful until the man repented of his ingratitude to the first healing (for forgetting that he was healed). After the repentance, healing manifested. The man was able to abduct (lift up the shoulder) to 110 degrees without pain, but only discomfort. Shoulder movement in all directions resumed without pain, just discomfort and stiffness. The man left without any clinical signs of a complete tear of his right supraspinatus ligament.

A second MRI has been scheduled by his doctor as he has been referred to a specialist for surgical repair of the torn ligament. It will be interesting to see the report of the second MRI.

This case illustrates the effect on ingratitude. How can a person forget the experience of being healed by a touch or a word in the Name of Jesus without cost? Obviously, we can. And this is not the first case we have observed and documented. But then, the nine lepers who were healed by Jesus never came back to thank Him either.

Healing by Ed Kwan

A man with a confirmed partial tear of his right supraclavicular ligament, which stopped him from elevating his arm higher than 70 degrees, was able to move the shoulder with full range of movement and without pain after his sins were declared forgiven him.

A woman with sciatica and confirmed disc degeneration was unable to bend forward to touch her toes, unable to get out of a chair without using her arms to lift her up,  and unable to walk on her heels because of the pain. After her sins were forgiven her, she was able to touch her toes, get out of a chair with no support and walk on her heels without pain.

Both cases have been under medical care and have been sent back to their doctors for confirmation of the healing.

Healing by Ed Kwan

A woman with multiple sclerosis who had lost pelvic girdle strength so that she could no longer get up from a seated position, was able to perform six squats from her chair without fatigue after her sins were forgiven her.  This case has been under medical care and has been sent back to her doctor for confirmation of the healing.

  1. A man with a swollen parotid gland. The gland was restored to normal size and texture.
  2. A lady with an issue of blood and vertigo reported immediate cessation of bleeding and no further vertigo, even when spun around four to five times.
  3. Another woman with vertigo was likewise healed.
  4. A lady with bone metastasis from a breast cancer experienced relief from all pain from a site of her metastasis.
  5. A woman in Sri Lanka at end stage palliative care from her cancer was ministered via the telephone. After the ministry, the lady reported relief from all pain, easing of breathing with lose of her wheezing, reduction in swelling in her leg, and she was able to get up out of bed and walk on her own, and have a meal.
  6. A woman with disco-genic back pain was relieved of all her pain and was able to fully flex her back without any pain or stiffness.

As always, we await confirmation from the treating doctors.

Failure: a woman with plantar fasciitis was not healed of the pain in her foot despite the efforts of four team members.

The first six persons were referred in by another lady who three weeks ago experienced healing of her knee arthritis and the shrinking of a benign cyst behind her neck.

A 58 year old male returned to the healing centre today with what appeared to be a relapse of his sciatic pain. He had been healed of the pain a week ago. However, the nature of the pain was different, and examination did not show the usual signs of physical sciatica. At the Name of Jesus, the man contorted, bending forward more than 90 degrees, tucking his head downward to his left to the level of his hip, an angle impossible for someone with sciatica, and began to grunt in a guttural voice. When the demon was driven out, the man was able to stand up immediately without any pain. Time taken: ten minutes.

This week has been a successful week for the centre at 90 George Street. On Thursday, two men were healed of long standing sciatic pain, with a profound effect on their relationship with the risen Lord. On Saturday morning, a woman reported healing of her pancreatic pain when she heard about the healing of the second man of Thursday.

On Saturday evening, four individuals testified to being healed. The first was a lady in her seventies with severe kyphoscoliosus of her spine, which has shortened her to less than 1.3 metres. She experienced release from all pain and restoration of full range of movement to her shoulders, allowing her to walk and go up and down a step without pain or assistance.  With tears in her eyes, she went home praising Jesus.

The second was a weightlifter in his fifties with prolapsed discs in his spine, deviated nasal septum, migraine headache and depression, who testified to freedom from all his pain, relief from his depression, and improved airflow through his left nostril. He was able to move without any of the signs of sciatic nerve irritation. This caused him to make a recommitment to Jesus.

The third was a man from Fiji with abdominal pain as well as a painful nodule in his right groin, presumed to be diverticula disease by his doctor. He testified to release from all pain and the loss of pain from the nodule.

The third was a young woman who was a customer in a furniture store where a member of the centre was working. She had been suffering from severe pain in her right buttock area for 8 years, and MRI scans three years earlier had revealed nothing, according to her. She came at the invitation of the member, from the store to 90 George Street, where she experienced release from all her pain shortly after hands were laid on her.

One of the men from Thursday also attended, testifying and demonstrating his wellness, bending over to touch the ground without pain.

All who came were made well.

A man who was in an accident more than eight years ago, who was crippled and could not walk without crutches, came to attend our church service this morning. We prayed and laid hands on him. The Spirit of Lord moved so mightily and he was healed. He was able to walk without crutches. He walked and walked around the church, and when he went home, he still did not have to use his crutches. He is healed. Praise the Lord!

I was invited to Kilgrs GK Prison last Friday to encourage and heal the sick.  I ministered to 72 prisoners who all received the gospel.  13 of them had sicknesses related to pneumonia and pain.  As I laid hands on them, seven of them received healing completely and they confirmed no more pain and pneumonia.  On the second and last day there, six of them were healed of severe back pain, before the laying of hands, as we sang praise and I preached the gospel.  I am not allowed to share their names for security reasons.

A young man who fractured his collarbone in a motor vehicle accident the previous night and had been unable to lift his arm since, was able to elevate his arm to more than 90 degrees immediately with the laying on of hands by Jocelyn. Although he was amazed at the result, he left without allowing Jocelyn to complete the healing because he was concerned about his car park ticket expiring.

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